Saturday, March 02, 2024

Missing London

  London Dibbert
—Poetry and Photos by Taylor Dibbert,
Washington, DC

His now ex-wife
Used to accuse him
Of favoring London
Over the other dog
And even her kids,
He never engaged
With what
Was obviously
Intended to be
A criticism
Of him
But she was right.

A love bug
And queen
A daughter
And more,
So much more,
His versatile
Little London.


He can’t
Bring himself
To throw away
London’s medicine,
He isn’t sure
What that means.


He’s examining
One of his
London tattoos,
The one on
The inner side
Of his right leg,
Just above
The ankle,
She was
Such a
Special dog,
Will always be
Such a
Special dog,
He’s thinking about
Their last moments
Together and
Wondering when
They’ll meet again.

Today’s LittleNip:

—Taylor Dibbert

He just misses
His little dog.

Those of us who mourn the death of our pets sympathize with Taylor Dibbert about the loss of his little London. Sometimes writing helps, and TD has sent us some of his results on the subject.
London, Taylor’s second full-length poetry collection, was published by Alien Buddha Press on March 1 (, and his third, In the Arena, is due out in April. Taylor's new book, London, may be found at

Hang in there, Taylor. We know what you mean…  and congrats on your new book! London would be proud.
Poets everywhere are encouraged to send information about new books they have in publication to Medusa's Kitchen (, and we'll give you free advertising. It's best to send a packet o' poems in the package, too, of course. The snakes of Medusa are always hungry!



Taylor's new book!

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