Saturday, March 23, 2024

Love is All...

 —Poetry,  Photos and Original Artwork by
Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal, West Covina, CA

Let’s go to the beach,
and stay until the stars
come out. Don’t say no.
The waves are calling
you out. It’s not so far.
This is an invitation
no less. Feel the air.
Feel the wind, that ocean
breeze. It kisses your face.
It does not break it.
Let’s go to the beach
without any reservations.


Let us make words with pomegranate seeds
on the ground we walk on. I will start with love with
red stains bleeding. Who’s up next?  Come outside
and make the next word. Isn’t it great to make words
with fruit?
With one seed you can make a period. It can end
Can I tell you a secret?

Love is all you need on any given day.

Soak up the wine
right now
like a good sponge
and float.

How much wine to
the sea?
Like a sponge you
must be.

It drowns so good
water, drink wine
and plunge.

Swim ashore and
and everything
for wine.

Float free in
liquid wine.


How small I feel when you say goodbye.
I go back to childhood
and then I disappear
until all the steps I have taken
have been erased by your goodbye.

The door of opportunity is shut
and it will remain closed.
It leaves a scar in my heart.
It is goodbye that leaves me numb.
It leaves me lost
never to be found.
I take a dip into oblivion.
The light inside of me flickers out.
Goodbye turns me into nothing.


Under crimson skies,
how disheveled
and unkempt
my hair has become.

Looks are overrated
when you do not
have a thing
to prove or strive for.

The beautiful stars
fall into the sea
with bright lights,
and I only
want to sleep
with eyes shut.

Like a stone
I sit without thoughts,

a cold
hard stone
thoroughly round

as my spirit

Like a stone
I do not weep
even if

I am living
waiting on death.


Born in the sky
up above the earth
persecuted by
beasts with evil hearts.

Hounded by winds,
hiding in the clouds,
like a racehorse
you ran to the moon.

You were one of
a kind, your heart took
on lightning bolts as
your hands blocked the blows.

You wanted love,
a drink of water.
You traveled the sky
with hope in your heart.

Above the town,
far from the thrown rocks,
you waited your turn
to land safely.


Today’s LittleNip:

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.

—Theodore Roosevelt


—Medusa, with thanks to Luis Berriozábal for his fine poetry and visuals today!
Let’s go to the beach!
—Photo Courtesy of Public Domain

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Born in the sky...