Thursday, March 28, 2024

31 Days On The Tip Of My Tongue [Nos. 16-31]

 —Poetry and Photos by Robert Lee Haycock,
Antioch, CA
O Magnum Mysterium

From the back of my mind  

to the corner of my eye 
the moon swims to the surface
And I climb ever so high

* * *

Of A Most Horrible Magic

For an audience that
hasn’t been born yet
I just pretend to care
look down my book-bent nose
and smile silently

* * *

Can you make out the words

Can you make out the words
that should catch in my teeth
spilled sentences
falling from my mouth
 no fog no flu not a flipping bit of work to do


Out of reach memories play blind man’s bluff
The rain embroiders little blue stars all over the
rosemary bush
I can only wonder
Under a maiden moon

* * *

E Coupon

The rolling dark carries you toward morning


and the rest
a frenzied rightness

* * *

Dreams Decocted

Take heed
I was never a giant

As The Sparks Fly Upward

Flags of cloud unfurl toward sunrise
My boyhood bleeds
and never touches the ground

* * *

The Paraclete

This dream wasn’t meant for you
Moonlight puddled everywhere
Nothing but this pile of words
Maddening the night

* * *

My Blue-Bearded Heart Notwithstanding

A pyred orchard
the parting gift
of cherries we see
through memory’s eyes

A Self-Addressed Envelope

Every stoplight sings a song to me
of who I once was
to tell me why my hair keeps catching fire

* * *


I hold morning in my singing hands
Those clouds followed me all my yesterdays
The angels drew lots to decide which of us would
Near Courtland

Chicharrones  and Licorice

Like a morris dancer doing the samba
my mind is given to wander
with a smirk on her lips

* * *

The Sweet Tang of Incipient Decay

I’ll weave a song with calloused tongue
to the tumult of butterfly and flower
and all the silence between our fingers

* * *

An Acquired Taste

the noughts
the crosses
live behind unseeing windows
the shooting stars

the broken people
Most Home

Almost One Of Those Moons

I dare not touch the ground
tumble down story upon story
with guttural noise and smeared ink

* * *

Dreams of God

Vainly trying to conjure
A man I was once
She banged out Two Timing Woman
The hammers covered in tinfoil


Today’s LittleNip:

A little talent is a good thing to have if you want to be a writer. But the only real requirement is the ability to remember every scar.

—Stephen King


Today’s post is a continuation of yesterday’s from Robert Lee Haycock, and many thanks to him for these two days of poetry! The photos are ones I have gleaned from some of the first pictures Robert had posted in Medusa’s Kitchen back in 2013. Thanks, RLH, for 31 flavors of your days!


 —Photo by Robert Lee Haycock

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