Saturday, December 23, 2023

Good News—You're Perfect!

 —Poetry and Photos by Ann Privateer, Davis, CA

 A vague feeling
 of winter enters
 your bones
 you wonder
 if you are alone
 so cold standing
 at the door.

 Winds interrupt thinking
 brings back reality
 water rushing
 over rocks, the door
 opens and closes
 without warning
 you begin waiting
 for spring the way
 the cigar store Indian
 waited through years
 of bad weather
 as did the ancients
 waiting for fire.


The white pony is dirty white, like the platinum
haired doll dragged across the floor, its pink

rubber arms turned dusty rose, her clothes
lost when taken off to wash.  Dirty white

like burnt marshmallows dropped into campfires
they slip from sticks, slither to earth.  Dirt

beneath fingernails, scuff marks on the floor. 
Greased to a full throttle race for love in a land

without windmills while riding a dirty
white pony, she lets him carry her purse.


You were born
In an era
Of planes and trains
And automobiles
Racing populations
Gobbling up everything
Coming and going everywhere
Try not to stare at the moon
Luniness is not good
Thankfulness is
So is sober
No telling
What is


When I was five
I used to sit
On the floor
In a sunbeam
Gazing at my hand
And ask
Is This?
Was I
An existential 
Child that sought
Answers along with
Candied everything?


To Be
And without

Nature nurtures
And through
Up and into
Like a jewel

In its
Like a lake


Today’s LittleNip:

—Ann Privateer

meetings used to be
alien when change
was in the wind
do not confuse
a brown leaf 
for a dead
mouse or the haves
for the have nots.


—Medusa, thanking Ann Privateer for today’s fine poetry and photos!
Friends of Sacramento poet/artist/teacher/musician (Runcible Spoon) D.R. Wagner will be saddened to know that he passed away in Sutter General Hospital yesterday morning. D.R. was a great friend of Medusa's Kitchen, and Rattlesnake Press published several books of his poetry, artwork, and needlepoint. He will be sorely missed. Rest easy, D.R.!
D.R. Wagner (1943-2023)


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LittleSnake’s Glimmer of Hope
(A cookie from the Kitchen for today)

rainbows of
Christmas lights—
tiny pops of
hope and faith
and promise
on this cold, dark
winter’s night…