Saturday, December 02, 2023

Discovery And Decision

—Poetry by Charles A. Perrone, Santa Cruz, CA
—Artwork Courtesy of Public Domain


The tigers in colour photos look at me
as if something ultra-feline were at stake,
and I fake a fee-fearful response just to be
accommodating and an overall nice guy.
But then I think of the others who thought
that sending me pictures would make a dif-
ference in the conjuncture of feral beings.
I, after all, am not striped nor too sure, sorry...


My dear spouse sent me on a mission
to the guest room to open the storage
to look for old robes with tattered hems
that she had deposited there long ago
I did not think to question my assignment
though she herself could easily have gone
The space had not been occupied in a while
so it was a bit dusty but the closet door was
closed and the interior was somewhat less
The robes were nowhere to be seen on
But there on the shelf they were: folded
Inside the tatters and folds I found a silver
and a locket with snippets of hair and
and an engraved inscription: H e m l o c k.
Here I am still working on vetting that


dreams are dreamt and meant to occur
dreams are dreamed and deemed to be
dreams are dreamt to justify oneiric activity
dreams are dreamed to unleash imagination
dreams are dreamt to enjoy spatial disorient-
dreams are dreamed to so go with aerial
dreams are dreamt to let logic lose its few
dreams are dreamed to allow illogic to gain
dreams are dreamt to compare cool compari-
dreams are dreamed daily and nightly to be
dreams are dreamt to be fertile fodder in
jovial journals
dreams are dreamed to be folly filler in
frightful freefall
dreams are dreamt / dreamed as participles
participating in practical parcels of time
dreams are dreamt and dreamed over and
in endless ceaseless unyielding consistent

How would you dare to compare
this pair of opinionated creatures?:
the reliable for-prey howling wolves
and the playful hunter hooting owls.

Naught at all chime in the local canines.
Our guaranteed responses to loud sirens–
be they of ambulances, cops or firetrucks–
are, as long expressive sustained notes,
better than both and bother no one.

Or so we are told by our dear guardians.


Their instructions were so perfectly
clear: if I were to enter the feared
restricted area I would have to wear
a colorless hard hat. Of course, I
assumed this rule was universal, de-
signed to ensure cranial protection
for all. However, after a while in
the zone of danger I was able to
come to an alternate conclusion: the
tough heavy lid was actually to pre-
vent so many rebellious and infect-
ious ideas from drifting out of my
ownknowingly loud skull and into the
lull of the place where they keep all
these others on the edge of dull, in
abeyance, captive and silent.


The time has come to recognize the need to
reconcile this wreck of a body of knowledge
with the silo of grains of wisdom
that has become available to me
should I wish to avail myself of it
before pesky alternative versions
of my self re-emerge on the ledge
of the whirled stage of auto-configuration
and the surface reconnaissance missions
I am forced to endure during the play the
wright has finished penning to send along
to the duly determined diviners of destinies


Today’s LittleNip:

—Charles A. Perrone

God (
aka The Supreme Deity
or Being, He/She can decide)
surely knows how to avoid
all sorts of self-assignation
as well as long appellations
lest listeners be distracted
by the pomp and then let
their imaginations allow
them to romp in fronted
fields of fruitless fantasy


Kitchen Newcomer Charles A. Perrone was born in the Empire State of New York, grew up in the Golden State of California, last studied in the Lone Star State of Texas, finished his working days in the Sunshine State of Florida, and has returned to the West Coast to enjoy retirement between the seashore and the redwoods. His not-so-secret-anymore life as a published poet spans the Americas and the oceans, as well as the Internet; his poetry has appeared in books and journals (print and digital) in USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. Three of his chapbooks were published by moriapoetry, and his volume,
Designs: Blueprints of Floorplans of a Provisional Residence, was released by cyberwit in 2022. Welcome to the Kitchen, Charles—don’t be a stranger—and those of us who live inland do love Santa Cruz, and we envy you for living there!


Charles A. Perrone

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ant trail of cars
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another damn
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