Thursday, December 21, 2023

Groping Toward Compost

—Poetry and Visuals by Smith,
Cleveland, OH

I observe
occasionally regurgitate
 Folk Medicine

Black caffeine
sex and gasoline
pedal to the bleed

Pain is your friend
lets you know you're alive
still stumbling down Entropy Lane
with the rest of us halt and lost and lame
every day longer
every year shorter
every blister bigger
every gain subdued
as we bounce in bursts of grasp and sorrow
groping toward compost
brief season
a few tree rings
and back to ground we go
minerals and manure
to be mined
by many
a fool


The small made big
and the big made mundane
when all and nothing are everything
leaves people little but lies
running for truth
and from
no stories to follow or dream
just big box stores
box office movies
and miles and miles of flat top asphalt
lifting car
after car
after killing car
to sky


There's me
and there's me
me happy
me sad
me good
me bad
me knowing
knowing nothing
me trying
already failed
me care
me not
me aware
me sot

There's this ropewalk of empathy
stress strung over sharp knives
and hungry teeth
where you can't care so little you don't
nor too much due overload loss
so with less to care care more
and more to care care less
only so much stock
it's never enough
one way or another
from this end of field
or that
no real-time score
just birth
maybe aftergame video replay
for close calls

Duct tape
and marijuana—
that's my church

We make stories of fears

Freight train pulls heavy
through valley of night
moan and wail

Sparkle frosts dead leaves
breath hangs in air
Persephone's back in hell

I make my noise
nobody listens
life goes on

Today’s LittleNip:

Pain doesn't stop
life continues
constant compromise
 Circle Broken


—Medusa, with our thanks to Smith (Steven B. Smith) for his fine poetry and visuals today on this, the Winter Solstice of 2023. Our thoughts are with him this season as he and Lady prepare for his up-coming surgery.

Bone Lady

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