Sunday, May 12, 2024

Symphonies of Sound

 —Poetry by Scott C. Kaestner, Los Angeles, CA
—Photos Courtesy of Public Domain

Listening to the rain falling
grey sky soaked
pavement sunk
and me driving

talking heads talk
of atmospheric rivers
radars and satellites
impending doom

windshield wipers wail
raindrops the rhythm
pitter-patter, pitter-patter
a symphony of sound

the road ahead bumpy
chock-full of potholes
steering wildly to avoid
falling into the abyss

steady is the hand
that can calm the storm
you see me I am
an atmospheric river too

I know just what to do
like the unwavering rain
that won’t stop falling
one word—onward!


I want to draw in the sky
and illuminate the night

lightning bolts
piercing darkness


shapes come to life
while life takes shape

and there is nothing
in everything

and the sky will go
dark again

so think I’ll just
keep scribbling

the dreams that arise
the stardust in my mind

sprinkle pixie ghosts
sketch the sacred light



Reinvent the wheel
                    to complete
          the circle
of life;
close your eyes
to know what’s next
                      you see
despite the absence of light
        and the not-knowing
                   a shadow is cast.


Today’s LittleNip:

Q & A
—Scott C. Kaestner

Love is the question.

Love is the answer.

If you haven’t learned to love
then you haven’t learned to live.


Our thanks to Scott Kaestner for today’s fine poetry. Google up “scott kaestner poetry” to peruse his musings and doings—maybe even buy a book!

And a Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate by answering the call of our Seed of the Week—Mothering.


 —Public Domain Photo

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