Saturday, April 06, 2024

Survival and Art

 —Poetry by Sushant Thapa, Biratnagar, Nepal
—Photos Courtesy of Public Domain

I am not lost
There is no such maze.
No residential address
Cages me;  
No emails send me
Undelivered messages.
In modernity
The rainbow is only a
Matter of desire.
Any room
Is a mental capacity.
My flowering prowess
Is life in its transcendental truth.
Art is a tool of consolation more
Beautiful than truth. 


Trespassing as a stalker
Do you have a friendly inking?
Come close for shared loneliness.
Digital divide
Is divine.
There is a screen of connection.
Deep inside, you want to open up
Like a flowing chain of keys.
Appreciation is time-taking;  
Yet, your gratitude
Colors the screen.
Come close if you have
A friendly inking,
And a screen-time divine. 


Every more verse is less;  
The aura to create is greater.
Philosophy is a guided meter
That can step out of rhyme.
Any new dimension
Is like a gurgling brook
Which the morning listens to.
Heavy-hearted retreat
Is a stay and say of words.
Opening of the shaft
Is inking of the craft. 


Art is a flight of stairs
Reaching for the ripe allowances.
In majestic imprint
The lowly water
Becomes a trademark.
Impressions and
Play like a drum.
Art holds a decorum,
In its truth
Beauty is pious,
Taking away the morning eye
From the stale news
Of the midnight howl;
That is how you know the
Art of survival, with no heartaches. 


The river cries
We mistake it for flowing.  
The kingdom sleeps
We mistake it for nurturing dreams.  
Hurdles and distance
Make a runner.
Life has a love blood
Of helping others.
Love is not a trivial issue;
In humanity we thrive.
The blessings are never old.  
Literature is never an old message.
Literature reaches the youths,
The masses and the mind.
A secluded pen has a public life.
The mediocre we mistake for simplicity
Is elegance.
Art can speak less, tell more.
Delight less, spark and ignite more.


Today’s LittleNip:

The writer is an explorer. Every step is an advance into a new land.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson


—Medusa, welcoming Sushant Thapa back to the Kitchen today, with thanks for his fine poetry!
 Sushant Thapa

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