Thursday, April 25, 2024

Lemonade Days

 —Poetry by Lynn White,
Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales
—Photos Courtesy of Public Domain

I like the wild berries best.
Juice spilling over.
staining my tongue purple
or my lips red.
Each one a new sensation.
A little harder to come by,
than the bland clones,
the cultivars.
A bit more of a struggle.
And, it must be said,
not always sweet.
One never knows
with these wild fruits.
With each taste comes
a surprise.
Spit out the sour,
take in the sweet.
Such joy!
Oh yes!
the wild berries are the best.

(prev. pub. in The Dawntreader, Summer 2015)


“If this is justice I’m a banana,”
I remember this being said
and I liked the sound of it
humour and pathos
So sometimes I used those words
to express how I was feeling
in various situations.
But strangely
the oddness,
and incongruity
of the expression,
impressed no one.
So I moved on to express myself
with different words,
forgot about it,
until now
when the sight of a banana
hanging singly by its stem
on a hook not made for the purpose
(how could it be?),
made me realise
that the banana,
a fruit with no juice
and usually no seeds,
is always incongruous
always out of place
wherever it appears.

(prev. pub. in Cajun Mutt Press, November 2020)


There’s something about the shape of this fruit
about the way it makes the light reflect
the colours from yellow to green
and from pink to red.
The green ones were my first choice.
Green turning to brown
with yellow and gold
I thought I liked them best.
But in the end it was the brightness
of the red that won me over,
convinced me
of its perfection
for incorporation
into my painting.
I chose them carefully
and arranged them in a dish
spilling them out onto the table top.
Then I threw away the dish
and held them myself.
I struck a pose.

(prev. pub. in Ekphrastic Review, July 2019)


I long for those childhood days
When the sun shone everyday
and lemonade was kitchen-made
from lemons
and sugar
and tap water,
refreshment without fizz
scooped from a bowl
not poured from a plastic bottle
filled with gas and tightly sealed
filled with artificial flavours
to bring a hint of lemon
to the sweet fizz.
Oh yes,
take me back
to those lemonade days
of my childhood.

(prev. pub. in Brave and Reckless, January 2024)


Today’s LittleNip:

—Lynn White

Little paper people
eating oranges.

Big paper people
eating oranges.

Brown paper bags
full of people

eating oranges. 

(prev. pub. in
Zombie Logic Review, October 2016)


—Medusa, with thanks to Lynn White for bringing us fine tales of tasty fruit this morning!
 The bee and its miracle of flight—without it,
there would be no fruit.
—Public Domain Photo Courtesy
of Joe Nolan, Stockton, CA

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