Sunday, June 25, 2023

Under One Heaven

—Poetry by Dr. Anissa Sboui, Sousse, Tunisia
—Photos Courtesy of Public Domain

Toddling into the caves

Endorsing backward dogmas

Retrieved Dabiq would be?

Reading weak hadith

Of the Christian-Muslim fight to conquer 


Raids, more bloodshed

Instilling practices of the devil instead

Suicide bomber destroying his nest

Manipulated he may seem for the sake of

Martyrdom, a lifetime test

Thinking what he's doing is best.

Is he worth the intended heaven?

Seeking tainted indulgences!
Eradication we need, of

Vile, sordid deed

Impeach him and his ilk

Living together under One Heaven...
Magda-Ehlers Clouds

At dawn, the father carries the sacred book
Accompanies his son to the quasi-academic institute
Ignoring he’d be caught like a fish hook
What a bluff, the wicked Islamic clerics constitute

At noon, #humblebrag diffuses the news
Enlightening the ordinary citizens’ minds
Childhood desecrated: check the host’s interviews
Of most alarming situation, she reminds:
Dogma of dark brews,
Destructive ideas mirror tainted behinds

At night, father, unable to sleep
Nightmarish days do creep
His wife begins to weep
A foggy future where shame is deep…


Walk in awe
Not a foe
The world saw…
Move forward, mate
Get into the consulate
Last stride
The fruit of much pride
Criticism of the regime
Boosted your self-esteem
Decry the climate of fear and intimidation
Speak on behalf of a repressed Nation

The threat was a test
To honor you, not
Chokehold by a rogue,
Dismembering the dissident
With a bone saw
Was not in vogue.

Decry thug life
Decry the canon
Betray not the fellow
Still languishing in prison
You did defy, but
Men in subservient roles could not…


Blessed she was
Endowed with a sense of glory
A soldier she was
Carrying loads of accusations
A heavy burden on Her frail shoulders
Hats off to the great warrior
Her war was just
She was defying decaying norms
She fought for a cause
Blessed she was
Her gentle voice sang in tune with celestial wisdom
Her revelation was heavenly, no doubt
Meek she was, they take it into account
A saint like that deserves to be burnt at the stake?
A saint like that is worth
Lifeless statue as
She is still alive
Her sword is stainless
It decapitates/ slashes/ slaughters/ avenges …
Her soul is still here
Hovering over
Calling for freedom
They ignored how much
She was blessed


Today’s LittleNip:

Say No often. Be wary of committing too quickly. So that when you say Yes, even the heavens will rejoice.

—Abiodun Fijabi


—Medusa, with thanks to Dr. Sboui for her poetry today, and a reminder that Chateau Davell in Camino will be featuring Diane Funtson and Michael Czarnecki (plus open mic) this afternoon, 2pm.
 Mammatus Clouds

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