Thursday, June 16, 2022

One Sparkplug Short

—Poetry and Visuals by Smith, Cleveland, OH


I get up same time each morning
pee, pop pill
brush, gargle
pick up cat
carry her purr to living room
Lady pets cat
I kiss Lady
make pan cowboy coffee
feed cat
sit in broken chair
sip black coffee
my first forty minutes of day
day in day out
some say robot rut
but pleasures peek
from wake to blog—
first light, first purr, first kiss, first sip
 Spring Nymph


My Lady builds rocks,
she builds piles, towers,
she builds up, they fall,
she builds again,
she build up,
she build higher,
they fall,
they fall higher,
they fall low,
they fall in-between,
my Lady builds rocks,
she builds rock,
she goes higher.


Fuzzy Wuzzy was the pussy
down between her legs
Fuzzy Wuzzy got real juicy
made me sit and beg.

Birth. Debt. Death.

From grackle to crackle
cackle to crunch
heart warms the meat
worms warm the lunch.
White Boy Blue

Kin of my yeast
crawled from the sea
made back with two beasts

Roaring pedal to the metal
rushing cross the bridge
o for more petal mental
Go Naked

The lie of night
lays with lie of day
begats tomorrow

In sitting sun
toking under dogwood tree
counting my nail holes
This is it


Scritch scratch
itch patch
down hatch
play catch
ring round
square before
pay by pound
worship lore
day is rock
wake is hill
talk's talk
best harness will
but bed's soft
dream sweet
desire unsought
weary meat
clock hands go round
their fingers crossed
laying ground
of social cost
it's all a lie
or is it lay
ya gotta try
ya gotta play
they own the toys
they make the rules
to crush employ
we to fool
Funnel Light

Deer silent
bound away

Where does sound go
when it goes away?
does the forest fall?

I watch the worm
I watch the deer
I watch the year


I take fragment fotos
of poem shots
street shards
partial words
curve of eyebrow
thrust of breast
hint of kiss in midst of mist

Parts of truth
tell more of truth
than 8 x 10s of all

Today’s LittleNip:

O to be dog
head out car window
fur face full sun

I'm a sparkplug short
on a cold damp day



Good morning, Cleveland and the Smith clan—Smith (Steven B. Smith), Lady, dog and cat. And mighty thanks for Steven’s sharp shards of poetry and visuals: “Parts of truth tell more of truth…”
Judy Halebsky and Dean Bader will read in Davis tonight (plus open mic), and there will be spoken word at Mills Station in Rancho Cordova, besides. Click UPCOMING NORCAL EVENTS at the top of this column for details about these and other future readings in the NorCal area.



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