Thursday, September 17, 2020

Creeping Peepers & Other Seekers

—Poetry and Visuals by Smith, Cleveland, OH 


A sip of water.
A lie in bed.
A dip in bath.
A nibble at table.
A smile of affection.
Cool when hot, warm when cold.
Work to do, play to play.
A cup of coffee.
A toke of grass.
And you, my love, and you.
Tunnel Light

What's in your treasure chest, Mr Smith?

Light, water, foliage,
wind ruffling all three

Wife, and cat


Purple Haze

You spose the leaf knows
the wind makes it move,
or is lost in the joy of dancing?

Thousands and thousands of leaves
ruffling weave
like water
Power Mode


Buried beneath
your borrowed beliefs

A moon toad
asleep on the river

No beginning
no end

No place to be
or have been


Too proud to whitewash
too poor to paint
bad whether when one's ain't is taint.
Blue-Eyed Susan

Soft summer night
long after light
when peaceful creeps
and creepers peep


I'm a feature
not a bug
a seeker
not the sum
a worker
not the won
the future
not the done

It’s what was done
to get us here
that's got us by the balls
 Business Hours

Today’s LittleNip:

I'm stealing my soul
back from the Devil
one selfie at a time



Another good day and good art, both visual and word-wise, from Smith of Cleveland (Steven B. Smith)! There’s been talk of Cleveland lately in the Kitchen; that’s because poets Smith, yesterday’s John Stickney, and our own D.R. Wagner all have connections to that fine city at one point or another. And, of course, all poets have contacts, tendrils like mushroom roots traveling along under the ground…

Anyway, we’re happy to have Steven rock our Thursdays with his colorful view of the world, and here’s to more of it!

In our area tonight, William O’Daly and Stephen Byrne will read online TONIGHT at Dr. Andy Jones’ Poetry Night Series, 8pm. Info:


Night Shadow

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