Friday, June 07, 2019


Tree in Orange
—Poems by Ann Wehrman, Sacramento, CA
—Photos by Chris Feldman


as a child, I played
at the foot of an elm—

its roots exposed
dipping into earth, snaking up again
curved surfaces, moss-filled hollows
sinuous stairways, soft beds
my Heidi-house

I longed to drink clean air
sleep with winking stars
marry my friend down the path
live nimble and free
on the mountain 



sun-kissed earth between bare toes
sand, not yet burning hot
campfire on twilit beach
fire in fireplace when power goes out
under coverlets with cocoa and candles
warm like cat on my lap
you stretch out next to me
curl into my back like stacked spoons

 Lily Pond


after yoga class
rest on stone bench
to my left
decorative garden patch

deep yellow-green spears
sway proudly in spring breeze
reach up to the sun
open like hands of cards
fronds are fingers
legs in cartwheels

along green stalks
new blossoms
creamy petals curl
still closed, soft sleepy fists
others fully open
stretch luxuriously in all directions
golden centers
blushes of lilac, fuchsia 



fill my eyes with joy
like a beloved rag doll
from childhood
fit right next to my heart

straight back, proud brow, clear eyes
skin, breath sweet
body clean, fresh
head in the clouds
strong hands on the earth

voice soft with tenderness
teasing, spills golden light
turns stern

warm, silky, soft, real
your chest rises, falls with love
with your breath

 Clouds on Fire


walking through the parking lot
box of fundraising product on my hip
my steps became longer
lighter than usual, almost slow motion
twilight splashed golden across wide Illinois sky
afternoon’s rain passed, chill air clean, bracing
over puddles in concrete lot
skirting huddled masses of shoppers’ cars
I danced with joy, sure-footed, graceful
quality of light spoke to me beyond words
my heart realized permanent change
elemental, in my deepest cells
gray, gold, lapis clouds cherished sun as it slipped to rest


beat, rest, beat
rest, beat, rest
beat, rest
silent soldier
warm heart
flame eternal
day, night
awake, asleep
beat, rest
serve, give
create, love
beat, rest
persevere through
betrayal’s muck
beat, rest
take it, take it in
transmute, rejuvenate
past the pain of loss
past death
your body’s aging
abandoned dreams
beat, rest
heart persists
love deepens
strength, courage
your shields melt
heart glows
within your breast
beat, rest


Today’s LittleNip:

Poetry is a way of taking life by the throat.

—Robert Frost


Our thanks to Ann Wehrman for her fine poems today, and to Photographer Chris Feldman for his beautiful work, as well!

Poetry in our area today includes the WakamatsuFest150 in Placerville, which continues through the weekend, and the annual farewell reading by UC Davis Creative Writing MA graduates at the UCD Arboretum (Wyatt Deck) in Davis, 7pm. Scroll down to the blue column (under the green column at the right) for info about these and other upcoming poetry events in our area—and note that more may be added at the last minute.

—Medusa, celebrating poetry and photography!

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