Friday, February 24, 2017

Right Left of Wrong

I'm Watching U
—Poems and Photos by Smith, Cleveland, OH


Crawl slow and deep
from slink of sleep
to thick awake
to foot the fog of day
till sleep's return
in constant loop of voodoo rue
we do do oh so well

Pour black coffee down dark hole body
reboot mind to lighten way

 This Little Piggy


We are born in cave of shadow
washed in birthing pan
walk with shadow in search of sun
till washed again at end

How well are our ways wound?

If I put left sock on left foot first
instead of right sock on right foot
does it make a difference?

Or yesterday's right on today's left?

Does the moving shadow
of my belt buckle on the floor
portend play of day?

Do things change if I put my pants
on left or right leg first?

What about both legs at once?

I know kindness to others,
listening, caring, compassion, patience
sways day's way.

But what of stretch or no stretch?
yawn or no yawn?
left or right side of bed arise?

Is there a right right
and a wrong right?

Of the mother thread of life
Clotho spins and sings of is
Lachesis measures song of was
and Atropos cuts will be

Do they care what sock I wear?
or right left of wrong?

 Wonder Woman 


I chop big batch carrots, celery,
onions, garlic, chives, parsley,
cilantro, thyme
and toss in Dutch oven
with quarter cup extra virgin olive oil
and sauté while wondering
how virgins become extra virgin
and do they have to fuck extra hard
to lose their extra virginity
then add generous tablespoon ground cumin
3 small cans black beans
1 large can diced tomatoes
4 caps cream sherry
shake some MSG
small plop of salt with serious black pepper
little water
bring to boil
simmer 50 minutes
puree half in blender
pour back in with half bag frozen corn
simmer 40 minutes
serve with a dollop of sour cream
and good bread and butter
to help harried wife's hurried life.

Does this besmirch my bad boy rep?

 Cleveland Flats


Early autumn late day light
unshadows tops of trees
with golden slant
of setting sun

slow traffic
in fading light
makes soft water sound
of whine on road
rode somewhere
from there
to there

and yet here's here

 This World or That


If autumn ascending, watch for the fall
If tall depending, look to the small.

If spring unsprung, speak to the snow.
If too young, wait for the grow.

If no truth eastbound, westbound I'll go.
If ending unfound, outbound is slow.

When you wander don't wait too long
for your offender to admit that they're wrong.

Since outside is in and inside is out
just cuz they sin don't mean you should shout.

Your life is yours, mine's my own.
I ain't sure but I think I'm the clown.

 White People


There’s a cult of African ants
who construct arched hives

But only when populous enough

Until then,
they specialize in false starts

When enough exist

not enough workers
or enough pushers
or enough grasshopper guards

but simply enough ants

Mass mind kicks in
and arches arch

Pre-mind arches arch up and over
till over

Mass-Mind inserts keystone

Why do more ant units = keystone logic?

What evolutionary advantage accrue arched ants?

No Ant Popes?
No Arch Ant Conservatives?
No SubCult MassMind McDonald franchise?
(tho believe too late for latter prevention) 

Ant politicians must be one happy critter:
For once it IS quantity
NOT quality

The Texas rabbits I understand
They reach critical population density
They develop nervous disorder
They die
Make room for daddy

Which are we?

Mass Mind in bloom of blossom?
Or rabbit run?

 The Whole Thing


Don't call us
we won't call you

The system's not broke
it's fixed

It's always been fixed
in favor of the few

Who with fear and force
control the course

Sometimes you just got to bite the bully
and carry on

No glory without grief

 Velvet Claws


The trees they are dancing
Wind playing the tune
In sky tall prancing
Beneath a full moon

Clouds chant the chorus
Direction and sound
In song sung just for us
We being earth bound

       Romance abounds
       Adventure exists
       Just look around
       At all that you’ve missed

Our feet stuck to dirt
Our hearts leap for air
With happiness we flirt
And shirk our despair

Yes the trees they are dancing
Leaping for the moon
My soul sky chancing
Laughing in loon

To hear my one vocal that I like, go to 3:52, 2011, Peter Ball (1949-2015) music, Smith words&voices:

 Mandy Magic

Today’s LittleNip:


coffee in the morning
kitty with the purr
wife with the kiss lips
happiness pure


—Medusa, with thanks to Smith (Steven B. Smith) for today’s nummy brunch, as he continues to heal from spinal surgery! 

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