Saturday, December 03, 2005

Gainer Alert!

On Wednesday, December 14, Bill Gainer will read at The Book Collector (1008 24th St., Sac.) to celebrate the release of his new Rattlechap, To Run With The Savages (7:30 p.m.). Unfortunately, Sacramento News & Review has the date listed as Dec. 7. Oy. December 7 would be an inauspicious day for such hilarity, being (1) Pearl Harbor Day, (2) the anniversary of my mother's death, and (3) the anniversary of the death of my all-time favorite cat. So be sure you show up on DECEMBER 14, and not the 7th. Also premiering that night will be Rattlesnake Review #8, as well as littlesnake broadside #19 by Indigo Moor.

Also listing Dec. 7 is Eskimo Pie Girl, Rebecca Morrison's local poetry website. I'm putting her site on my "instant" sites (see links on the right) because it's such a well-laid-out listing of interviews, poetry, and other local poet-phernalia. You should check it on a regular basis to stay in touch with the Local Scene. Just be aware that her listing for Bill's reading should say the 14th.

Here is a sample of the irrepressible Bill, who comes to us all the way from Grass Valley:

—William S. Gainer

It's a mystery,
why some insist
on using chopsticks.
Messing with their food
like that.

If you want to play—
get a ball,
if you want to eat—
if you want to impress me,
then pick up
the check.


—William S. Gainer

Most are one or the other
but to run with the savages
you need to be both:
and tough.

Everything is met
with eyes focused.
No conversation,
no running to momma,
no place to hide.

To survive
you need to learn
to take your meat
They don’t want to kill you,
they want to eat you


Thanks, Bill! And don't forget that Dennis Schmitz will be reading tomorrow night (Sunday 12/4) for PoemSpirits at the Unitarian Church on Sierra Blvd. in Sacramento at 6 pm. Drive around to the back; it's in Rooms 7-8.


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