Monday, December 12, 2005

The Purple Necessity of a Ceiling

—Miroslav Holub

In it there is a space-ship
and a project
for doing away with piano lessons.

And there is
Noah's ark,
which shall be first.

And there is
an entirely new bird,
an entirely new hare,
an entirely new bumble-bee.

There is a river
that flows upwards.

There is a multiplication table.

There is anti-matter.

And it just cannot be trimmed.

I believe
that only what cannot be trimmed
is a head.

There is much promise
in the circumstance
that so many people have heads.


Monday (12/12) go the the Sacramento Poetry Center Board Meeting at Hamburger Mary's on 17th & J, Sacramento, 5:45 pm, then attend the reading at HQ (25th & R Sts., Sac.), featuring Albert Garcia, Dean of Language and Lit. at Sac City College, 7:30 pm. Albert will read from his second book, Skunk Talk (Bear Star Press). Info: 916-451-5569.

Be sure to attend Bill Gainer's reading this Wednesday (12/14) at The Book Collector to celebrate the release of his new chap, To Run With The Savages, and to pick up a free copy of the new Snake 8. Also appearing that evening will be Indigo Moor, who will read from his new (free) littlesnake broadside, Nomads.

After Bill's reading on Wednesday, head on over to Sweet Fingers Jamaican Restaurant (1704 Broadway, Sac.) for the Mahogany Urban Poetry Series at 9 pm. $5 cover. Info: 916-492-9336.

Thursday, it's Poetry Unplugged at Luna's Cafe (1414 16th St., Sac.) for Rachel Gregg, with Open Mic before and after. 8 pm. Info: 916-441-3931. Or the Poetic Light Open Mic from 8-10 pm at the Personal Style Salon, 2740 Cottage Way, Sac., free. Info: 916-470-2317. Or an Evening of Poetry hosted by La Rue at Gwen's Caribbean Cuisine, 2355 Arden Way, Sac., 7 pm. Info: 916-284-7831.

Friday, attend a book party to celebrate the publication of Luke Breit's new novel, The Tumultuous Times of Jesus in the 21st Century, from XLibris publishers. Music by Junkyard Burlesque and Roberta Chevrette & friends. 8 pm. Champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Art Foundry Gallery, 1021 R St., Sac. Info: 916-446-POET.

Saturday, The Show features LSB Jam Session. Born 2B Poets & NY Grand Slam Champ Tshaka Menelik Imhotep Campbell. Wo'se Community Center, 2863 35th St., Sac. Info/tickets ($5): Underground Books or Terry Moore, 916-455-POET (not to be confused with Luke's number, 446-POET).

—Miroslav Holub

No sooner does a human head develop
than there sprouts over it
the purple necessity of a ceiling, a cave
or a mole hole.

Because we know from centipedes
that there are always enough feet to get somewhere
but sometimes not enough feet
to get back again.

Lightning from the gods' leather quiver
furiously drums against the tin roof,
giving rise to a profile of the house
and an approximate portrait of
father and mother.

And in the black hole at the world's end
will be a poppy-seed embracing all
caves and buds and shelters,
as well as the collapsed summer house in our garden,
the weakest point of our already defeated
thatched defences.



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