Sunday, July 22, 2012

To No One in Particular

Tree is Watching...
—Photo by Katy Brown, Davis

—D.R. Wagner, Elk Grove

Just before I woke up I saw three men
Sewing the edges of what seemed to be
A dream.  I was going to ask them if that
Was what they were doing but the light
Suddenly shifted and I was back standing
On the edge of the same pile of rocks
That seemed to be leaning out over the town.

I thought I would walk down to the spring,
Get some water.  But I did not know where
Any spring was located and my head was
Beginning to fill with all sorts of ideas that
People had mentioned to me if I ever found
Myself out in a place like this.  The ropes
Holding the day up were beginning to haul
The whole thing down.  The barns were losing
Their red to a deafening gray.  I knew I would
Need a light of some kind very soon.

When I got to the the first of the great oaks
I saw lights flickering in the lower reaches
Of the trees, where they bent to touch the earth.
This was how things were supposed to look,
I told myself.  Even sound had an aura about it.

It was as if faith in life and in the beautiful,
In friendship, and kindness and love and all
Those things I had been told when I was young
Could really be true here on earth.  That was
When I knew I was dreaming.  Someone
Pulling on the sleeve of my coat, hungry,
Afraid to ask for anything more than a mouthful
Of food, not even a lousy cigarette, or a piece
Of hard candy might be asking too much and
They were not going to get it from anyone in
This bloody country.  It was a mother, somebody’s
Mother, but she too was pulled back into the night.

I reached my horse just at the edge of the long
Meadow.  I felt I might be able to come back, to see places
Like this again.  To know there was a place where
Love would go better than listening to a head filled
With the noises of hurt and want.  I love you, the
Great oaks whispered to no one in particular.

How about that?…to no one in particular.