Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slapped by Lady Luck

—Photo and Poem by Taylor Graham, Placerville

Navajo weave in wool of desert
colors, sand and sunrise; a hat-band sweat-rimmed;
a day-pack with its zipper failed from too much cramming
of needs and delights on long hot trails, rock-rims
at sunset—artifacts left to earth.


—Taylor Graham

She promises the winning number
then deals the great
disasters, railcars planes pipelines
charring entire zipcodes and discoloring
summer-blue skies as seen from space.
She steadies the ladder as you
climb to sweep the roof, or else she
lets that ladder slip.
She's the voice on the phone
that found your lost
dog. Maybe you didn't lose a dog,
but you've got one
now. It gazes in your eyes
and reads your mind. What kind
of luck is that?


—Taylor Graham

Five days on the road north down-canyon,
climbing into heat (July) a hundred miles to dry-
grass slopes long stripped of pine for smelting
ore but we missed the casinos, Ms Luck
was setting gold as sunset west
about as far as we could drive without getting
lost in interchange, a town dug into time
and hills a stone's arc short of Golden Gate
we turned back east upcountry granite
holding luck like foxglove hidden by a snow-
melt stream, downslope to liveoak shade
at last back home. We rubbed mirage and road-
dust from our eyes and here's a glass of ice
with sun tea. Here's the chair where over years
we tossed down saddle-blanket day-
pack dog-leash and your old Stetson hat.
So lucky to be home.
—Michael Cluff, Corona

Would be a delicacy
to observe in a male betta fish
but even more of a blue moon
in his mate.

The sedan of such
a colour would be
red eye-catching and grandiose
especially to the brooding patrol officer.

A job interviewee in such a tie
ends up tinted
magenta dangerous
and is black-balled forever.

Such a pants pair
would inhabit the artificial
green cyan of a mini-golf course
the type Uncle Oscar inhabits weekend.

Found above an adobe desert diner
at sunset adds flavors to a dish
of yellow squash, raspberry parfait
and a dungeon daffodil horizon.


—Michelle Kunert, Sacramento

       Even though I never gamble or play the California state Lotto
it bothers me that the Lotto was basically forced to "pull" a "politically incorrect" T.V ad
       which was produced to promote the "Black Scratcher" theme
       There's this sexy-looking brunette woman dressed in black motorcycle leather 
       She walks up to a guy at a bowling alley and slaps him in the face for scratching a winning Lotto ticket
       How metaphoric, of course, in this case of being "struck by Lady Luck"—
       it's like saying it would be a blessing along with a "curse"
       A message a woman would give a man at a gambling table:
       "You shouldn't waste money playing in the first place, but by chance you won something anyway, don't take it for granted now, or me either" 
       or likewise a man's "sadistic" fantasy of being stricken from an otherwise beautiful woman
       Yet probably with a more "comedic" approach no one would have stood against it
       like for instance if instead they had gotten rock star and actor "Jack Black" to receive the slap—
       the star of such stuff as "Nacho Libre" bugs his eyes in surprise out growling "Ohhhwoooow..."
       Yet supposed "feminist" groups such as California Legislative Women's Caucus complained it promoted "domestic violence"
        even though our nations' problem is about men beating up women rather than the other way around
        For this, one has to wonder about this governmental Women's Caucus who claims to look out for all of us
        which probably also hates any man who dares take pleasure engaging with a woman in any kind of "dominatricks"
        even if it wasn't prostitution and in a "soft porn" kind of way with consenting adults
        (ironically these women on government boards tend to turn into the very frumpy hags they feared in the 1960's and 1970's!)
        So thanks to our "well-meaning government" the controversial ad got censored
        though meanwhile the French and Europeans for years have had ads and movies with portrayals of women slapping men  
        The ad got re-released with Lady Luck instead "blowing a kiss"
        of course those running the Lotto don't ever "love" its players like that
        especially since its winners can't get free money without also paying up a lot of tax 


—Caschwa, Sacramento

If you get all your foodstuffs
From big box supermarkets
And online ordering
You might miss it

If you have ever actually
Farmed fields of crops
You know exactly
What that means

As do those living in Norcal
With California concrete
Soil in the backyard
Who try to garden

Lesson Plan for teachers:
1)   Explain what a hoe is,
In the agricultural sense
2)   Show videos of hoes in use
3)   Simulate the hoe with fingers
in a shoebox garden
4)   Only hand out hoes to children
whom you would trust with rifles


Thanks to today's contributors for weaving together our various themes: our Seed of the Week, Lady Luck, our recent riffs on fuchsia, and Carl Schwartz (Caschwa) says his poem today was taken from some Medusa thoughts he found inside our FUCHSIA LINKS. Taylor Graham's photo caption, by the way, is the poetry form called a Weave, which is our current Form to Fiddle With.

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Today's LittleNip:

For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck and write better than I can.

—Ernest Hemingway



 John Walker and his miniature carriage horse, Indy
Art in the Park fundraiser, Carmichael, July 2012
—Photo by Michelle Kunert