Sunday, July 01, 2012

For Higher Purpose

—Photo by Frank Dixon Graham, Sacramento

(Picture Scrooge jumping for joy
on piles of poetry...)
—Caschwa, Sacramento

We start with the gift of time
From an endless universe
It is a fairly small amount which may be
Greater or lesser than our challenges

Then there is money
Given, inherited, earned, won,
Found, stolen, counterfeited,
Whatever the source, money is power

But even those with lots of time
And abundant material riches
Feel an emptiness that can only be
Filled with higher purpose

Thus we have presidents who
Need to leave a legacy,
Well-off political activists who jet
Coast to coast to make a point,

And hourly wage earners who dedicate
Themselves to pursuits that serve the
Higher purpose of more fortunate people,
Only to find themselves penniless on a holiday

I am taking some time off this week
Overdue chores will get the lion’s share
Overdue bills will collect more dust
For higher purpose, there is poetry.