Sunday, October 24, 2010

KB and KK's Excellent Adventure

Sharp scent of cinnamon—
Gnarled arms of apple trees
Bend toward Halloween

Narrow bars of black pupil
Search out hands holding paper cups:
Goat food: 50¢

Musty-fust of dusty museum:
Cobwebs crisscross a sewing machine while
Plastic rooster guards his coop

Hillside blanket of yellow and burgundy
Acres of fall chrysanthemums—
Surprising left-turn in the forest!

Large pig in small pen
Rolls rocks to mark time:
Sisyphus in a petting zoo

Mares’ tails draw wispy lines
On crisp cerulean skies—
Snap of fresh-picked Gravensteins…


Photos by Katy Brown, with scattered LittleNips
by Kathy Kieth

(Katy Brown and I went scouring Apple Hill 
in search of adventure, 
and these are some of the things we found.)

Katy Brown