Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Between Friends

Photo by Kathy Kieth

—Taylor Graham, Placerville

What need has a mule—
gangly weed of mismatch parents—
for a boy, himself mismatch
to all that humans tell him?
12 years old, not child or man.
The mule won’t be touched
by anyone. Can’t friends be deadly
as another breed? So each
believes. Then why does the boy
stand at the fence rail, palm open,
and the mule on the other side, muzzle
outstretched like a hand?
Mumble-talk between
languages, fingers brailling
the long ears.

A wrangler watches
from the distance, holds
his questions.


We’re talking about best friends this week—no matter how many legs they have—but feel free to send poems, photos, artwork about any subject. The Snakes of Medusa need constant feeding!

Next Mon. (10/18), 7:30pm will be the Memorial Rdg. for Pearl Stein Selinsky, at Sacramento Poetry Center, 25th & R Sts., Sac., with readings by JoAnn Anglin, Nancy Wallace, Jeanine Stevens, Ann Privateer, Mary Ellen Burns, Lisa Bert, Carol Louise Moon, Maggie Frost, Joe & Susan Finkleman, Jennifer Pickering, Melen Lunn, Allegra Silberstein, Tom Goff. Other friends are invited to contribute poetry and reminiscences, as well. By the way—anyone having contact information about how to get in touch with Pearl's family is asked to send it to


—Patricia Hickerson, Davis

old lady all dried up
bent over
knees knocking, belly sagging
hair grizzled
teeth snaggled
nerves frazzled
Who would want me?

Except Digger my German Shepherd
he lieth beside me at night
he restoreth my soul
he leadeth me beside still waters

Yes, it’s Digger, my faithful prince
sprawled next to me on the bed
watching TV
sharing a bowl of Cheesits

Digger! of the long lean well-muscled body
eyes like brown soup
wet black muzzle nosing out my misery
pawing me for one more Cheesit
Digger wants me!


—Kevin Jones, Fair Oaks

Rode my bike
Over to the old neighbor’s
To walk her old Golden.

Rufus was on the porch,
Ran inside, ran out, inside again,
Back out.

Asking permission?
Telling them he was

Put on the leash, heard
Myself asking: “You ready
To go? Got everything
You need?”


—Richard Zimmer, Sacramento

Everything has its purpose—
even a pebble on the ground.
We’d all have peace of mind
if that purpose could be found.

—from the movie La Strada

Harvey was a clock storeowner,
and clocks were his best friends.
When talking to Harvey, his head
kept nodding like a clock ticking.

One day a large wall clock stopped
ticking. Harvey was upset. He loved
his clocks. He called the stopped one,
Wally, and went over to talk to it.

He said, “Sometimes you feel trapped
in a senseless occupation and become
stuck and unable to function. You need
a new sense of purpose to get unstuck.”

Harvey repainted Wally—drew flowers
on him, calling him his new Designer
, and, Wally, the clock, started
ticking and telling time again.


Today's LittleNip: 

Your heart and my heart
are very, very old





Photo by Kathy Kieth