Saturday, January 27, 2024

Oh, Dada!

—Poetry by Keith Snow, Harrisburg, PA
—Photos Courtesy of Public Domain

I had a poem
in the oven
with yellow potatoes,
and last of the carrots.
A savory one,
that would warm me
internally and leave you
MAS O MENOS (More or Less)

I'm more cat nap than catnip.
I'm more let the cat outta the bag than the cat
got my tongue.
I'm an alley cat, a fat cat, top cat, I'm the cat's
meow and I dream of Kathmandu where I gorge
on momo's and wake up starved for attention.

I'm less into Lexus ES300 than Andre 3000
less about Disney than Netflix,
but if the former’s free that's a plus
I'm into learning different lingos and lexicons
and languages but teaching
grammar not so much.
I'm more ranter than rambler but this poem
just wants
to meander…

I'm more cul de sac than sad sack,
more tic tac than knick knack and
I definitely would give a dog a bone before I'd

Would you believe
I'm more Maxwell Smart than Maxwell House?
More coffee cake than coffee table?
More playing cards than player piano,
unless, it's Vonnegut's novel.

I'm not Yale or Penn or Dartmouth or Harvard
beets but I like borscht served hot or cold. I
would study in a Temple in Philly and always
order my cheese steak wit.

More into it's a small world than into small talk.
I'm more give me the night than sunshine on
my shoulder and more likely to feel some
kinda way than to utter i'm just saying.

I rather be in a city park than a national park.
I'll always be the projects and never be project
runway. I'm more urban than suburban no
matter where I actually live.

I am into words but need to spend more time
in the word I am more the church than a church
that's not to say you can't find a good church.
Shouldn't we all be building our treasures in
Sometime After Post-Post Beat Poetry and Post-Post Modern Poetry but before Slams and Spoken Word were World Wide. When Reading from your Laptop or Phone was Considered Very Gauche. There was a Movement at Poetry Readings Across the Earth or in One Soon to be Defunct Bookstore West of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where Large Titles for Very Small Poems were a Thing. Celebrating that Time...

Oh, dada.



Today’s LittleNip:

You don’t have to suffer to be a poet; adolescence is enough suffering for anyone.

—John Ciardi


—Medusa, with thanks to Keith Snow for his fine poetry today! Keith first visited the Kitchen in December of 2022.

 Keith Snow holds forth…

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