Thursday, November 16, 2023

More Songs of Sisyphus

 On The Wall
—Poetry and Visuals by Smith, Cleveland, OH
For the moment
coffee sipped
toke taken
face to sun
redorangeyellow photon glow
through bloodflesh lids
time slows
reality repents
all is one in one soft flow
sun the charger
me battery
entropy forgotten

As seasons go
I be gone
hanging by my heels

Hot black coffee
white cup America

They raise the price
then shrink the package

Bad mood brings brood
am I one of the gods
or simple food?

The plants on the deck
drop their flowers
in cold

I look up
five black wires crisscross blue sky
from nowhere to nowhere

Yet red canvas chair
sitting in sun
invites me to seat

Life's a game
you gotta stay to play
(old Tik-Tok Man keeps stalking me)
 Entry Level

Unseen crow caw caw calls me
unknown behind trees behind leaves
leaving me with leaf
song of Sisyphus
and the River Jordan's other side
plus of course this slide
from birth
thru rest
to death
yet another fine mess
I've gotten me into

Life and time
a one-way dead-end street

The outside of the backside
it lingers and it grows

Tribal fire's slight warmth
temporary light against the night

Window haze hiding city
sirens seeping through the woods

Programming on Television Earth
cold souvenir of reality

Wet whispers in the dark
hunger creeping from the heart

Sometimes you hit the mainline
sometimes you don't

It's the maybes that get you
they suck you from your song

Two sides same coin
obverse tale

Was keeps wooing
till done done doing

Eve's apple unfalling
far from the tree

Her man Narcissist
unsure of we

We're all seeking hi-rez
in low-rent way

Rituals run
punishment and promise in play

Old bones
ache, break
make for long day

We got birth
we got death
rest is guess

Want and wend
duty and desire
seldom same

How I got
from there to here
I will never know

Seeking happy life
in unhappy world
suggestions accepted
 Just One More

Sittin' in dark
rain fallin'
life livin'

The world out there
and the world way out there
whirl within

Faint rooster crow
distant train wail
hope rises
 Well Said

Today’s LittleNip:

Walking dog
petting cat
working 8-fold path

Caterpillar dies into butterfly
what about I?
new life, or lie?



Long-time SnakePal Smith (Steven B. Smith) is with us this morning with saddlebags full of poetry and look-sees, and we’re grateful, as always, for his perspective. (What ABOUT that butterfly? New life, or lie?) Anyway, party on, Cowboy! Maybe the best is heading down the track….


 Side-Eye Smith

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LittleSnake’s Glimmer of Hope
(A cookie from the Kitchen for today):

doctor’s office—
temple of shoulds