Sunday, April 09, 2023

Whirling Prana

—Poetry and Photos by Scott Thomas Outlar, 
Frederick, MD
Something about the stars, you say?
My God, aren’t they magnificent!
And the planes…
are they close enough to touch?
What level are we playing on?
Can I still feel your spirit
even after fire has claimed the mortal flesh?
dust to dust
it would seem
knows not a thing
about consciousness
and its eternal nature
The headlights of your final smile
reflect back through the ages
A vibrational reverberation
has me holding
steadfast as a stoic
while gravity collapses

Instinctual movement
is what holds this orbit together
Wind-blown aura
spontaneous action
Wherever the moment is centered
I will find
and feel you there
like a crazed disciple
and, Lord, we shall dance
as if the truth’s been told

High on honeysuckle perfume
scent of ouroboros
solar mass corona
taste aurora’s sweet drip
yellow light enters form
whet the tongue of thorns
signs of the source
sing me back safely
carrying lost thimbles
to quell the ancient thirst
I haven’t felt this way
since I was eight years old
but I think I’ve finally
found the flavor
of spring transcendence
or at least
caught the white flash
of momentary remembrance
during the buzz


Annabelle Bridge
where I have seen
almost everything
except the one glimpse of love
needed most of all
named now
after all these years
with an energetic signature
that will guide me onward
I’ve crossed this spot
thousands of times
but always seem to circle back
though now the moment is arriving
when seismic shifts start spiraling
and only forward motion will matter


These many moods of the churning cycle
with the wink of moon
the kiss of fog
and softly glowing pink hues
splashed against a violet canvass
Please show me where to place my lips
upon the fiery crown
to welcome home the roaring lion
I barely have a poetic breath
left in the lines of my palms
but I live out these visions each day
and cradle them close to heart
If all I have are fragments
slipping past the veil of consciousness
to tease my tongue with ineffable thoughts
then I will do my best to sigh sincerely
Whether we laugh or weep
in the pouring rain
our steps will learn to tango
with the shaman king of the dancing geese
and the birds will chirp
to herald spring
and the buds will shift
from red to green
and all these gifts of grace
will brand our spirits

Today’s LittleNip:

—Scott Thomas Outlar
Circles and circuits
wobble of spheres
gospel of the stars
polar magnetic resonance
Sound journey
geometry, frequency, color, vibration
essentials of consciousness and form


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