Thursday, September 15, 2022

Be Firefly

R u experienced
—Poetry and Visuals by Smith, 
Cleveland, OH

Be firefly
light dark for brief second

Unquiet quiet
meadow pre-dawn

Rooster crows day kills night
lie wakes

Fecund smell of green growing
heavy in humid air

Roll sun up sky
night falls back down
 Cosmic Kiss

sometimes comes down to
I'm hungry, and you're food

One more word salad
stuck to the floor
murky feathers falling
red lights green go
caution costs calling
all out and in

circle work
running on entropy
as always

High winds
heavy rains
thunder near and far

Lightning above
flash flood below

I carry my mountain
up the rock
roll back down to repeat
Flowers for the mind
sometimes it's Mingus and Thelonious Monk
sometimes Gorillaz

Sun and shadow
less and more
it is
 Fish God

Rock rolls up
rock rolls down

Sometimes the sky moves
sometimes it doesn't
sometimes it's me

Ain't at my best
though far from my worst
as I stumble the road

Milking each moment
of sadness
for joy

Today’s LittleNip:

You got your misery
I got mine
same we is
same we ain't



Smith (Stephen B. Smith) has brought us his word-music this morning, with tales of Sisyphus and what it’s like in his corner of the world. Thank you, Smith, and keep on “milking each moment of sadness for joy”.

Poetry sings in our area tonight, with Mischa Kuczynski and Jordan Karnes at Poetry in Davis, and Poetry Unplugged and Slam Remix at Luna’s in Sacramento. Both have open mic, both are in-person, and both begin at 8pm. Click UPCOMING NORCAL EVENTS at the top of this column for details about these and other future poetry events in the NorCal area, including the Sac. Storytellers Guild meeting on Saturday, with poetry and stories at Sac. Poetry Center, 2pm.


—Visual by Smith

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