Monday, October 21, 2019

Mixed Bag On A Monday

—Anonymous Photos of Bunches of Bunches-o’-Things

—Caschwa, Sacramento, CA

Opened up the dictionary for
help with a definition, and all
that was inside were flattened
leaves of unknown origin.

Attended an institution of
higher tuition, and got a third
degree burn when they sent
me the bill.

Why does the simple task of
installing a new vacuum cleaner
bag have to be so unclean?

Oleanders grow like unwanted
hair: after you cut them, they
grow back even more fully.

Whenever I see the words “Easy
Open” on a plastic or cardboard
container, I bring out my metal

Everyone knows about those
winged bugs we call flies. Logically,
there would also then be some
wingless bugs we would call “crawls”. 


(seeded by the term “oblit” from
Joyce Odam’s Solidify, Medusa’s
Kitchen, October 15, 2019)

Was presidential in name only
acted with all the facts, logic,
and substance of flatulence

swore an oath to uphold the
glorious Constitution, then
cherry-picked a couple points,
no more

adopted a defined purpose to
obstruct, confuse, and fully
obliterate all the good deeds
of yore

became Executive Team Leader
by making only his vote count
chose cabinet heads rotten to
the core

now investigations are pending
a new election is brewing
we have yet to see what is
in store 


(Response to Taylor Graham’s
“Consolation”, Medusa’s Kitchen
October 17, 2019)

We are comforted to know that when
automakers crash-test their products,
they use crash dummies instead of real
human beings

Once the autos reach the streets, if
there are still problems that should
have already been corrected, the
automakers are held liable for damages,
some huge

So how can power companies get away
with using real human beings as crash
dummies for staged power outage
situations that are not real emergencies?

That is like breaking into our homes and
local eateries, taking away all perishable
foods, and tossing them straight into the
dumpster under the pretense that this
will better prepare us for a real, bona fide
emergency situation

If power companies continue to insist on
using real human beings as crash dummies,
we should present them a bill for our
services that collectively is greater than the
expense of the safer option of converting to
underground power lines 


stocks falling even faster
the economy in slump:

Still waiting
trickling and percolating
no money yet reaching me,

Texas Ranger
charged crimes when cribs a danger
ICE takes babies from their bed,

Mood hotter,
lead in our pipes and water
tax revenue not spent right:

No allure
big sewer system failure
all the workers who were deft,

The lions are back at the Sacramento Zoo
     But I’m one who wishes I could free them
     Just like the rest of the animals at the zoo
     and just get rid of zoos along with circuses
     and anything else that advertises animals as “entertainment"
     The Sacramento Bee said the lions were “happy” in their new enclosure
     “The only thing that separates you from lions now is an inch and a half of glass..”
     said zoo spokeswoman Laurel Vincent
     I wonder if such humans think captive-born big cats are just big pussycats
     that their internal instincts won't realize they are supposed to be in the “wild”
     and that they won’t rebel in being caged
     It sickens me that they probably also keep them drugged
     which is why they so often appear so docile         

—Michelle Kunert, Sacramento, CA


A guy at work offered me some little chocolate donuts from a bag 
        I said “No thanks, I don’t think they’re vegan.”
        He looked confused at me rejecting his generous kindness
        Then I said “Besides, it reminds me of a ’70’s Saturday Night Live sketch I saw—
        I suspect it was “little chocolate donuts” that did in comedian John Belushi,
        not the drugs

—Michelle Kunert

—Joseph Nolan, Stockton, CA

A lizard
Hangs it tail
Into the wind.

It likes to
Feel the venting
Of air
Over skin.

It wags its tail;
It sends its tongue
Into air,
To taste the scene!

It’s only acting
For a lizard,

But some object
Most strenuously,
To tongues in air,
And terribly obscene,
But that’s how
Lizards are!

If you don’t like it,
Don’t invite them
To your parties.

—Joseph Nolan

If you think the universe is real,
Think about black holes.
Black holes can suck in stars,
And frequently do.

Gravity-waves are splashed out into space
When a star meets its
So-un-star-like demise.

We feel them
Beneath our skin—
The disappearance of stars,
The assault of a gravity-wave,
Like a smashing into a tunnel’s ramparts,
A long, slow death on the
Five-minute ride to a hospital,
That took an hour-and-a-half to make,
The cameras off,
So well-planned,
The broken seatbelt
In the near-new Mercedes,
The driver, drunk off his ass,
But no-one noticed,
He seemed O.K.,
The way there was
No chance of escape!

If a black hole is big enough
It can suck in a galaxy,
Even a universe,
Easy as that!
Nothing left for the TV news.

—Joseph Nolan

Show no

Live on
From stars
They suck in.

No way to win
When you’re too close
To an overdose
Of gravity.

Oh! What’s over there?
Where even stars
For something
Than the darkest
That will not yield to light,
But sucks it in.
Against a black hole
Even light can’t win!

—Joseph Nolan

We must turn into friends;
No matter how strong the fire,
Or how bright the spark,
Its fuel must burn up.
It’s how we greet
A cooler dark.

Cooler, but
Still warmer
To touch
Than stars so
Distant, bright.

We clamor,
And don’t falter,
When called upon
For light.


Today’s LittleNip:


She says: Honey, it’s your turn to do the dishes tonight.
He hears: Come to bed with me now!


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