Friday, September 27, 2019


—Poems and Photos by Carol Louise Moon, Placerville, CA


Let there be light—and there was
light—just like that, right after
Lord spoke those words. And before?
Logic tells me the mind thinks
loads before it creates. It's
like energizing love thoughts—
Love demanding human change.


Sunset now, and the lamppost
seems to take a bow. Tonight
silence sets in with sunset.
Simultaneous wonder—
such stunning electric light
show, as marina dock lamps
shine across rippled water.

(Yablochkov Candle, 1878, Paris)

Yes, that was the name used in
Yellow, electric street lamps
yielded light brighter than those
yule logs at Christmastime. And
you could walk home safely—walk
your dog under those arc lamps.



Let's not speak of yule logs this
late in summer. Let us not
leap into fall so quickly.
Leave off making Christmas gift
lists, and walk down memory
lane under avenue lamps—
lampposts adorned with flowers.


Lincoln read law books in his
little cabin—not by gas
lamp, but at night by candle
light. His dedication to
learning was so strong that he
leaned on opportunity
leveraged into greatness.

Today’s LittleNip:

—Carol Louise Moon

Lenard, "Lamppost" friends called him;
laid-back and lanky. Mary
loved Lenny but refused him,
lamenting his lack of drive.
List of complaints included
loss of truck—sighed, "He'll be the
light in someone else's eyes."


Our thanks to Carol Louise Moon today for her Lantern Series, including her illuminating lamplight photos and her poems in the Pleiades form.

Today from 1-2:30pm, there will be a Poetry Appreciation Class about Walt Whitman at the Hart Sr. Center in downtown Sacramento on 27th and J Sts. Class will be presented by Marie Taylor; fee is $5. Call 916-808-5462 to register.

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—Medusa. Let there be light! ~ and plenty of it ~

Yablochov's Candle
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