Friday, April 19, 2019

Fracking the Flux

Sun Flare
—Poems and Photos by Smith, Cleveland, OH


It's 4 in the morning
the soul darkness courting
for flesh to come crawling
to new day's old yearning
the past half forgotten
with present encrusted
in the already happened
future so musty
from stains it's still wrapped in
my footsteps muddy
dirty the trappings
fracking the flux of this flow



on road to crumb
thumbing nose at laughter
in now and then
the ever when
and both the here and after


Laughing flower
growing from lip of bliss—
this this

 Intentionally Blank


Let's face it—
we're one butterfly wing away
from losing it

 Lt. Bulb


If they has it, them lacks it, it won't work
Can't say it better from tip of my tongue
Too hard to sway too difficult to shirk
If not for all it's wasted on the young
But that still depends on what it all means
To hit the spot of the Hollywood clit
To risk the run of delusional dreams
When in the end you have to have at it
Of course it's not all it's cracked up to be
Though there's rules to raise it, fall to die it
No matter what they spout it's never free
Say the piranhas waiting to bite it
It matters not if matters mostly true
Since my gal sez my it her it's ours too



Seems a lot like
the ass-end of an anus
long untended



"Good to meat you"
said the carnivore
to the kill.

 Blue Lines


Oh I lick my butter from a silver spoon
Yes I lick my butter from a silver spoon
Once a month I howl at the moon

My baby growed and left me for more
She done went and made me forlorn
Said I wasn't packing as she slammed out the door

I'm broke down and tumbled too
Been broken, beat, and humbled through
Happy ever after don't seem to be true

I do not know how I got this far
Ain't no way I done got this far
This living thing's like juggling hot tar
Wearing feathers for tips in an old nudie bar

Must lighten my load before I sink too deep
Cuz I'm ducking everything but the kitchen sink
While down the road lies death's keep

Oh I'm a simple man not easily fooled
Though simple-minded and frequently fool
My eyes closed are spin-doctored wool

I seek for truth yet stumble through lies
Wasted my youth stalking the whys
Now I just fight the hive

I just don’t know how I got this far
Should a died long ago in a crashed stolen car
This thing called living’s like chasing a star  
And hey sunshine that's hotter than tar

Get up tomorrow and host my load
Lift-hearted romantic my engendering goad
I tote life's line down the road

So I sniff my butter from a silver spoon
Cook new butter in a silvered tune
Lick me enough and I start to croon

I do not know how I got this far
Ain't no way I done got this far
This living thing's like juggling hot tar
Where was and is becoming next are

(Recitation with music by Peter Ball; see

 Blue/red Line

Today’s LittleNip:


It's not nice out there
things keep eating each other...
and that's the good days


Our thanks to Smith (Steven B. Smith) for his sounds and sights and rhythms today as he keeps time on the Kitchen table with his fine poetry and photos! Always a pleasure to hear the melodies in his words.

Head down to Sac. Poetry Center yourself tonight, 6pm, to make poetry music of your own at the MarieWriters Generative Writing Workshop, facilitated tonight by Bethanie Humphreys. Or go across the Causeway to The Other Voice in Davis, 7:30pm, for a poetry round robin in honor of National Poetry Month. Scroll down to the blue column (under the green column at the right) for info about these and other upcoming poetry events in our area—and note that more may be added at the last minute.

—Medusa (Celebrate the music that is Poetry!)

—Photo by Smith

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