Sunday, February 24, 2019

Ships in the Fog

—Poems and Photos by Susan Sigge, Martinez, CA

The naked branches
Of the scrub oak tree reach out
Toward the ground toward me

I hear the low moan
Of lonely ships in the fog
Greeting each other

Winter evening sun
Reflected in cool waters
Black birds call good night

I see the still dark waters
that reflect the trees
perfectly blurring the lines
between reflection and reality

The gold light of dawn
shimmers through the fog droplets
cool breezes kiss me

Sunlight shimmers
on fresh green grass
as it waves
giddily to me

Speedy clouds above
Race across the bright green hills
Grass below waves back

Strong February winds
Push clouds to race across the hills
Who will be first?

On my swing on a sunny cold February day
I am at peace.
The seemingly dead scrub oak upon closer inspection
teeming with life.

Sun tickles the tips of the pine needles
Sending sparks to my eye

This is the dawning of our lives
We sit and drink wine
Listen to Green Day.
The sun is dying.
Laughter continues.

Stepping stones out back
Forming a path between our gardens.
We don't walk alone. 


Welcome to the Kitchen to Susan Sigge, a professional flutist for 30 years, performing in orchestras, chamber groups and as a soloist, teacher, adjudicator, Master class teacher, and clinician. She is also an Inclusion Specialist and Autism Spectrum teacher at the high school level, and loves to garden, bake, travel, hike, ask questions, and eat good food and drink. Welcome, Susan, and don’t be a stranger!

—Medusa (Celebrate Poetry!)

 —Photo by Susan Sigge

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