Friday, September 22, 2017

Incest in the Sky

Sun Cage
—Poems and Photos by Smith, Cleveland, OH


New day sun rises unseen
above slate grey sky thick in clouds
stained with past promise
framing new beginning of old game
of survive, thrive, strive.

There is flower.
There is worm.
There is new hour
already wearing yesterday’s squirm.

 Lace Moon


Spirit went to water
to wet her where today

Bone dry as ever
inside flesh did stay

Both looked to mirror
neither saw the same

Needed each the rigor
of the other's game

 Sky Geese


Insects stop sex when storms approach
cuz buzz 'n wiggle ain't no giggle
when raindrops falling are as big as a fridge
so for simple survival
no fug bucking if storm coming

Now as for human sects
they fug all the time.

 Michelin Man


Fleshly crease nigh nipple to neck
filled with sweet and sweat and scent

Jiggle jam compressed along
eye line song I long to roam

Cleavage is an isn't impression
one nothing created by two tensions

A front-fleshed crack
to remind of ass smack

My wife is my breast friend
front and back and either end

Solar Eclipse, 2017


Shrinking fireball in great sunsky
moon going down on sun what's up

To the Tlingits, sun and moon are lovers
and solar eclipse darkens earth
for more private flux

Are Brother Sun and Sister Moon
incest in the sky?

The great beheaded head of Rahu
eats sun and moon in revenge
but they drop out his slit throat

Some say Eater is
a pack of thieving fire dogs,
or snakes, jaguar, demon, dragon,
coyote, wolf, frog,
a great cranky churlish bear
biting sun for not stepping aside

We bang pots and pans and shout
to scare The Eater away

Birds stop singing
spiders cease spinning
bees buzz louder
cows return to barn
owls wake to eat

The lying moon whispers untruths
into ear of sun
and darkness is our toll

Tatar vampire tried to swallow sun
but spit it out when it burned his tongue

If more than a day of darkness
the spirits of the dead come to life
eat those on earth

I turn unwerewolf
as moon swallows sun

Clumsy sun drops its torch
weary sick darkens
contaminates earth air
we turn pans upside down
to avoid disease

Moon quarrel sun
Sun quarrel moon

Stock prices tend to fall on eclipse daze
whose rays harm children,
best unborn babes not eat in light

The 1715 eclipse foreshadowed misery,
death of great cattle,
and a mortality of old people,
while the Chinese Emperor
fearful for his life
made a commoner King for the day
then killed him after darkness passed

Quick, kill someone before gods kill us
as sun turns her back on our sins
and drenches us in poison dew

Some sacrifice the fair haired
and light skinned,
beat drums,
shoot flaming arrows into the sky
to relight sun's pilot light

During eclipse
pregnant women birth cleft lip born
food cooked is poison
flowers planted grow more vibrant

Some say
moon dark blocks sun light
in unbright fight

Sun's too hot to hold
Moon too cold

 Blue Meanie


Does the Pope poop?
Do the powerful pee?

Then why should I believe?
Why should I obey?

Weak walking wait-a-minutes
got no right to say my way.

The bear in the woods
stalks hunger, not belief.

The where of the would
ignores stomach of need.

The way of the world
worships grief.

I seek body mind relief,
tree still on leaf.

 Dead Flowers


The lines lie silent
waiting for the bubble of release
knowing it's not A or B
but A and B
and A through Z as well
always yes and no
now and then
might and maybe
for we doctor our strange
in bombs and slim pickins
as we damage dove
in bait for taking
our random turns
of alternative aching
making best with mess and gone

We're born into cocoon
die into butterfly

And the dead shall sing

 Void Where Prohibited


Well you slip your hand on in
pulling light down low
grip unzippered sin
do the masturbation mambo

Add some lubricating cream
to massage the ole libido
dream a dreamy dream
and masturbate the mambo

Oh you stroke it to the left
and you pull it to the right
while thinking of the cleft
and squeezing real tight

You're picking up the pace
roiling oil on the ego
in this fleshly race
of the masturbation mambo

You do the pants pant here
then the rub dub there
through empty air you spear
phantasmagoric hair

Moaning lone and low in groan
of huffing puffing hump
your sex and you alone
in pre-climaxing clump

You play the music louder
make faster master go
in double dealing downer
doing masturbation mambo

Till bang you break the mold
in epileptic shudder
your inner outer load
that was meant for another

So with hairy palm on gland
and blindness quickly coming
why don't you give yourself a hand
and tug your central something

(Hear with music by Peter Ball & exuberant vocals by Smith, 2010 at

 Masturbation Manual

Today’s LittleNip:


My net worth? — Zero
My fame? — Zero.
My life story? — Priceless.


—Medusa, with thanks to Smith (Steven B. Smith) for his fine set of poems and photos on this Fall Solstice, Sept. 22! For more about the solstice, see

 Have U Seen Me?
—Photo by Smith
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