Friday, October 07, 2016

Reluctant Pacifism

—Poems and Photos by Michael Marrotti, Pittsburgh, PA


I expressed myself
through violence
when words
ceased to be

Left a mark
that would fade
in time
but left a lasting

I discovered regret
in a jail cell
showed remorse
through restitution

It cost me
more than I
could afford

There's a price
to pay for teaching
assholes the rules
of proper etiquette


When I said
the words
to me
I meant it

It's not my fault
you kept living
reaching back
reaching forward
reaching for
that is no longer

An abstraction
two different

There's not enough
watts in this bulb
to shine on this
gloomy situation

Not enough rationale
for the unreasonable
events before me

Patience is a virtue
I've never possessed
right now
I'm being passive
passing the life
that's behind me 


The mutual
combat law
has ruined
my life

An aggravated
assault charge
along with two
counts of
disarming an
officer hasn't
been much
help either

The award for
angriest poet
is rightfully mine
with one hand
balled up in a fist
as the other hand
does all the typing

This is my
viable alternative

This is my form
of reluctant pacifism

I could say
fuck my life
all day long

I could
about dishing
out bodily harm
for the rest of
my miserable
but here am I

Using word's
instead of violence
when I'm unjustly
for whatever
biased reasons
the fist is more

I've faced
the facts
head on
and lost

The system
has prevailed
my fingerprints
are on file and
smeared on
a bottle of

This two-time
loser is disarmed


of pills

Fucked the
finest pussy
in Pittsburgh

Talked for hours
to the most
shrinks available

my contempt
through countless
fist fights
sometimes I won
even though
it feels like
I'll never truly win

I've drank
myself sober
I've fallen
up stairs

DMT worked
like a charm
I smoked
that shit until
I woke up alone
my only friend

I've tried over
and over again
no matter what
avenue I travel
regardless of
what company
I keep

Life has
a tendency
to come out
on top

It's a losing battle
I never seem to win 


I have just enough
love in this heart
to make a difference

I have more
than enough hate
to make an impact

You're one of the
few who bring light
into a world of

You'll get off easy
the others
will just get fucked

If it was up to me
deadbeat dads
would be hung
by their balls

Abusive alcoholic
moms would be
doused in 100 proof
and set to blaze

The children who
grew up to follow
in their dysfunctional
would be put up
against the wall
Shots fired
in the name
of salvation

Ignorance kills
emulation only works
in socialist countries
we should be learning
something new
each and every day
for the betterment
of humanity

Label me an extremist
I'll offer you
some adhesive glue
to make sure it sticks
I'm sticking to my guns

Posterity can't afford
another legion
of assholes
No matter where I
travel there's no
avoiding the smell


Our thanks to Michael Marrotti for bringing us a bit of Pittsburgh today, starting our busy NorCal weekend. Today it’s the Poets on Board celebration at The Imaginarium at 12:30am, then Keynote Poets and Writers tonight at Stellar Studios, 7:30pm. Or head over to Davis for the opening of the Jack Kerouac Poetry Contest and Jazz and Beat Festival at the John Natsoulas Gallery, beginning at 6:30pm. Scroll down to the blue column (under the green column at the right) for info about these and other upcoming readings in our area—and note that more may be added at the last minute.


Today’s LittleNip:

Poetry is frosted fire.

—J. Patrick Lewis



 —Anonymous Photo
Celebrate the frosted fire in your life—and 
turn it into poetry!!

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