Sunday, October 02, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to California...

—Photo by John Roland Bales

—Donal Mahoney, St. Louis, MO

I tell you it’s not easy
being a cat in Colorado
especially on this farm
where I stopped on my way
to California.

This farmer gave me
a can of tuna
and a bowl of milk.
I’d been on the road
and I was hungry.

So I decided to stay
with the farmer awhile
but one night Mr. Calico
from down the road
showed up.

One thing led
to another and I
turned up pregnant.
I figured I’d better
stay with the farmer
a little longer.

I have to hand it
to Mr. Calico.
I had nine kittens,
tops for me so far,
although I had eight
with Mr. Black
back in Kansas.

It’s too late now
to head for California.
It’s fall here already
and I’d never make it
through the snow.

I’ll stay the winter
with this farmer.
He feeds me good
and has a shotgun
in case Mr. Calico
comes back.


—Medusa, with thanks to Donal Mahoney for fixing us a fine Sunday brunch! Don't forget that today at 2pm, Mosaic of Voices will present Natalia Trevino and Norma Liliana Valdez at Avid Reader at Tower, 1600 Broadway, Sac.