Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chaos or Order

—Anonymous Photo

—Donald R. Anderson, Stockton, CA

In between the letters
where the card stock is olive beige
trees look at us from over the balcony
birds sing to us in playful enthusiasm.

Behind the colorful print-out photos
stapled in little pages
that fit in the palm of the hand
faces ask us do you remember
and emotions sing like colors,
colors not seen except in dreams
or by angels.

The water is cool and inviting
and I am beginning to forget
the taste of my favorite ice cream
the sidewalk sundae Good Humor bars.
And the best warm spicy hot dogs
at the VIP bar at University of Pacific football games.

San Francisco is calling,
a life wanting to be lived,
but it is closer than I think,
right here behind my eyelids,
close them and listen to the water,
the ocean waves in the fountain
from across the street.
The ocean shore waves in the breeze
between gently swaying,
sea-sighing tree boughs.

I am enjoying every spiritual moment,
every experience, be it chaos or
order, each sacrifice when chosen
becomes a reversal of suffering,
a benefit from the absences of benefit,
a giving to God and others
in place of to one's self,
and it all makes me so much more joyful.