Friday, February 22, 2013

Grinding Winds of Change

Tim Kahl, Marathon of Love reading at SPC
Friday, Feb. 15
—Photo by Katy Brown, Davis

—Dewell H. Byrd, Central Point, OR

grinding winds of change
frozen cemetery stone
seasons marching by.

(first pub. in The Aurorean,
Winter 2002-2003)


hummingbird's nest
feathers drifting upward
wind-a-way wind-a-way winter


autumn chill
snow bird.

droplets of water
rain on pale green bamboo canes
wind chimes at twilight.



We leased a nice place
on the beach where
one could enjoy the
brisk sea salty air

until it arose from
several feet of
seawater that
swallowed our furniture

still chasing the American
Dream brought the cool
advice that buying was
better than renting

so my room-mate
Fiscal Cliff and I
bought a house on
Vicious Circle

on the Lower
side of town
very peaceful

because we strictly
follow the adage that
good firearms make
good neighbors

right hand over heart
serious expression
you know that all
of this must be true


 Sage Robbins reads at Marathon of Love
—Photo by Katy Brown

—Carol Louise Moon, Sacramento

There is a kind of orange tease
of brown, as if brown begs more
defining.  I am reminded that brown

is only in my mind, combined by threes:
color of sun, some sky or flower
of red, with green for background.

But more than this: a sheen
of golden hue laid over log or
rotting leaf, haloed or compounded

until brown eases toward tangerine
and mutes itself...  I'm not so sure
what brown is, this color so profound.


—Carol Louise Moon

I will not mention a bird
although you know I have
just mentioned a bird, but not
a blue jay—until now.
It's a lighter shade of blue,
but I'll leave that up to
your imagination
which is a very odd sort of light,
not unlike a blue bird
in flight.

(first pub. in Hart Sr. Center Anthology, 2012)


—Carol Louise Moon

You say I am so patient,
Yet what of this small slug?  I
Yammer while lying on sable
Yard grass, unsteady weaving
Yaw-of-ship verbiage.  I
Yearn for an easier life,
Yielding—like this silver slug.


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Today's LittleNip:

—Carol Louise Moon

The unread

on the bookshelf
wanting to be read,
wanting to be blue
like Moonlight Becomes You
by Mary Higgins Clark. 
"Read me in the dark,"
says The Runaway Jury
by John Grisham

the red unread book.



NSAA (also known as Lawrence Dinkins 
at the Marathon of Love
—Photo by Katy Brown