Thursday, December 06, 2012

Fortunes Still Unfolding

—Photo by Caschwa

I dyed my hair today
to cover brown with gray
ever since those cuts in pay
I need that senior discount

had to hock my crown
and rhinestone royal gown
I cried when stepping down
from king to just a viscount

I enjoyed the ride of course
atop the graceful force
of the world's best breed of horse
it's sad to have to dismount

—Caschwa, Sacramento



Teenage girls and boys
relinquish toddler toys
in favor of skull and crossbones

advancing the agenda of pirates
and garment industry profits
are the skull and crossbones

"We are your worst fear
threatening all you hold dear"
silently shouts the skull and crossbones

fine art faces and statuary, too
missing eyes of brown and blue
now skull and crossbones

worse than any great depression
unable to ever change expression
eternal skull and crossbones

they can't give a farmer seed
or comfort those most sorely in need
lousy skull and crossbones

"Till death do us part"
has gotten a head start
with gifts of skull and crossbones

when aliens land their UFO
huge brains won't let them ever know
why all the skull and crossbones?

—Photo by Caschwa

too stunned to feel
or to cry for help

one grain of sand
in the celestial hourglass
blind to time


—Photo by Caschwa

Take away preconceptions
and behold the sleepy
face of someone who
wasn't there before

resting softly on a hard pillow
looking quite content
to bathe you in mystery


—Photo by Caschwa

On the back of a playing card
is fixed the image of a child
who has not yet blossomed

her fortune still unfolding
driven by unknown forces
drawing poker stares from all

this is more than a game



Today's LittleNip:

—Michael Cluff, Corona, CA

When I lift
this pen
or fingers
to this paper
or this keyboard
it will astound, shock, surprise, flabbergast
bollocks me.

It hasn't been done

—Medusa, with thanks to Michael Cluff for the LittleNip, and to Carl Bernard Schwartz (Caschwa), who has been doing some ekphrastic writing (each poem is inspired by the photo that it appears beneath), for the poems and pix!

Try to park in the shade