Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Crossing the Double Yellow

Todd Cirillo sends us a sample of his poetry to whet our appetites for his reading tomorrow night at the South Natomas Library, Truxel Road in Sacramento, 7-8pm.

(for Julie and Dan on their wedding day)
—Todd Cirillo, Grass Valley

I often think of myself
as fearless
an enormous
cosmic dynamo
shooting stars
and making lovers dream
of that perfect dark night
which will never end
a huge force of pure clean energy
that stomps the terra
and never
thinks twice
strong, free
and full of love
a daredevil on the run
but I have never leapt
as far
as the two of you.

—Todd Cirillo

If we don't cross the double yellow
and punch the pedal
we may not get
to where we
are going
then again
if we stay home
we may remain
right where
we belong.

—Todd Cirillo

Did you sleep with her?
she demanded
"no" I said
walking away thinking
sleep is what I do with you.


Thanks, Todd! Look for a littlesnake broadside from him in August.

Speaking of which, Bill Gainer's new littlesnake, Invitations from the Jukebox, will be available (free) at the Natomas reading tomorrow night. Be there!