Sunday, October 04, 2015

What Sort of Future?

Bogomil Gjuzel (1939-  )

—Bogomil Gjuzel, Macedonia

With all the past's weight, 

we have become so light;

we may simply disappear.

All history seems an epitaph,

our seed so long suppressed

its roots grow numb...

Some other time or place, 

perhaps, we'll see the trigger

pulled, the anchor cast away,

and we might root in earth,

to spring up like Janissaries

at our neighbors' throats...

Straight up through the soil

like exotic plants whose tendrils

escape the potted boundaries.

The clay is cracked... 

the earth is scorched 

and cleansed again.

After such pasts

what sort of future?

(trans. from the Macedonian by P.H. Liotta)


More can be learned about Macedonian poet Bogomil Gjuzel (pronounced Dzyuzel), author of the book, The Wolf at the Door, at and