Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Joy of the Dance

Sinaga Tala Filipino Dancers
Sacramento Banana Festival
—Photo by Michelle Kunert, Sacramento

In front of me in the crowd at the Fish radio station music fest at Cal Expo
   a boy about ten years old raised his hands and started shaking along to the music of Lisa Daggs
   Suddenly his mother hit him to tell him to stop it
   I wanted to get back on that mother even though I don’t have kids
   and because the boy did nothing wrong
   I told my friends with me that I think that mother is insane
   She probably thought "Oh no, can’t have my son wave his hands around like a 'Pentecostal' now!”
   when I was glad to see a boy excited about the worship music in the first place
   It will probably be this mom’s fault too if this boy decides one day to reject Christianity
   He might reject the faith because of people like his mom who think they can’t celebrate with joy in worship

—Michelle Kunert