Wednesday, May 20, 2015

All Too Red

Keely Dorran, Sacramento

meteor IX

The Pellegrino has gone to my head.
I’m quite sure there’s a baby in there.

Little one, I just turned 40. Don’t come
knocking on my door, begging for me to

find some kind of lover. It’s the middle
of the night and only thieves are awake.


california drought

five-minute shower every other day.
dusty, pollen and spore-covered car;
lungs tight. dishes done in tepid grey-water*,

and in the best neighborhoods:

the vast lawns and golf courses
are as green as emeralds.

[*grey-water is water that has already been used for another purpose and is being re-used to conserve]


good-bye haiku

15 years ago
you asked to meet at a cafe
then never showed up

on my way home
i saw you with your wife
in a restaurant

that is why
i love you like a friend
and always will


good-bye two

if i could remember the seasons
i could forget those rains
that came down when she kissed you


no such thing as color

No such thing as color, all too red.
Dark as night and black inside, all too dead.

When his heart grows cold as ice
The power goes to his head

No such thing as color, all too red.
No such thing as color, all too red.

White like the light but it's all lies,
All the things they did and said.

Like his father, like his pride, so well-fed.
No such thing as color, all too red.


Today's LittleNip:

tea house

a serene garden
is cultivated over time, with great


Our thanks to Keely for today's poems and pix! Keely S. Dorran is a poet and artist active as such in the Sacramento area since the late 1980s. She studied Painting & Drawing at Sacramento State and Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Her art and poems have been shown and performed throughout California, and published in journals nationally. They also reside in private collections, archives, and special collection libraries nationally and internationally. She recently completed a BA in Art History at Sacramento State University. For more, see Keely's website at And watch for more of Keely's work in the Kitchen in the future.

Keely is one of many poets and artists to be featured in the latest issue of Rattlesnake Press's WTF! which will be released at Luna's Cafe tomorrow (Thursday), 8pm. Editor frank andrick and Co-Editor Rachel Leibrock will be co-hosting, as contributors to the issue read their work. Be there!



—Portrait of Keely by Esteban Villa