Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Castle of Dreams

Michigan Road
—Photos by Katy Brown, Davis, CA
—Poems by B.Z. Niditch, Brookline, MA


The darkness is complete
from a full moon's largess
shining strong and floating
outside my open window
with a Cupid over an arch
of stars as sprinkled dreams
divide between two coasts
washed from nostalgia
on cross-country skis
with a wavy wind
at my translucent curtains
lining my unresolved dreams
magnify my undaunted vision
on this January's sailed imagination
in a Blakean stained mirror
for a fiery airy moment.



A peaceable kingdom
in my castle of dreams
higher than a dark night
of Juan de la Cruz' soul
when mirrors of my past
sleepwalk through rooms
as dancing clouds pass
my telescopic memory
reminding me of Malibu
as a beach-blanket poet
surfs from living waters
in a quick light of infinity. 

 Lighthouse Fence

(Born Jan. 13, 1893)

Expressionist artist
of still life and landscape
with infinite blue
shining through nightmares
of endless war
and fascism's blight
you carry on in dream visions
etched in our skins
of earth, sun, rainfall
with art's portraits
as your friend Modigliani
drew yours.


(born Jan. 15, 1891)

Dream on in snows
Osip, in deceitful vodka
from visitors
around your table
weighing in by angels
chasing a half moon
on a Russian winter's day
forgiving all slander
and gossip,
imagine love's readiness
on the divan
hearing a cat's music
on the piano
not missing a note
of his furry footing
in moments of peace
your voice persists
in a kind of hour's joy
writing by the windowpane
in a sunny January thaw.

 Bannister Post, Maine

(born Jan.18, 1916)

It is morning
child poet
of Nicaragua
your night dreams
are water drops from
the trees of life
following rain
sweeping from dark skies
over the roof,
you invented modernism
on such calling days
of Spanish-American verse
your room is empty
for new generations
shout your name.

(Born Jan. 19, 1809)

Unveiling your statue
"Poe Returning to Boston"
this year seemed
to record the right notes
of a Gothic dream
on white and black pillows
with names of angels
dusting over the city
the January sunshine
propped us up
in your spotlight
by Charles Street
as we visit you
in memory of stone.


Today's LittleNip:

"I Have a Dream" speech
(Born Jan.15, 1929)

No water hoses
on our faces
will stop a sit-in
to bring love
from sons and daughters
over all races
of our kith and kin.



One Way, Locke, CA