Sunday, January 11, 2015


Michele Serros (1966-2015)

—Michele Serros

Pink mama tugs at pink baby.
"Don't wander off,"
she warns.
I sympathize
like any hopeful mother to be.

"You never know,"
pink mama says,
"people today are crazy
just crazy,
.... 'specially the Spanish."

"You mean people
from Spain?"
I ask.

Spanish people
.... from Mexico.
They snatch white babies
drag 'em across the border
for pornography,
slave labor,
human sacrifice."

Unemployment lines are long,
rent is months overdue
outspoken counter service
means immediate

So I stay silent
wrap her dry-cleaned clothes
in airtight plastic,
watch pink mama and child walk away,
holding the knot in my stomach
and wonder if white boyfriend
will give me beige baby
everyone thinks I stole.