Thursday, September 04, 2014

Daylight Turned Dusky

WTF Editor/Luna's Host frank andrick
reading at the release of the new issue of 
Rattlesnake Press's WTF! on Aug. 21
WTF! Release Photos by Michelle Kunert

—Patricia L. Nichol, Sacramento

October is the time
of terra cotta
dead leaf fall

the tang of pomegranate
hovers in the air
on the tongue
released by ruby seeds

wood smoke soon will
lace the air
daylight turn dusky
and night overthrow the day

candles will be lit:
ruddy radiant flares
against the deadfall
of the coming dark

even with the darkening
of the year
life does not fall away
but is quiescent: seed, nut, root

Listening to Tom Goff at the WTF Release.
Front table is Annie Menebroker, Eva West, Bill Gainer

—Carol Louise Moon, Sacramento

the sheer stillness of morning
the sniff and smell of scents
the smell of lawns greening

poof, a brilliant sunlit fence
and, poof, the sound of one poof
What was it heard by all?

What was meant by the
blue jay’s call that unstilled
the brilliant morning?

 Featured Reader Lee Foust at the WTF release

—Carol Louise Moon

Brown buteo above my head
without benefit of wind.  Wood-
light echo on spiraling track,
I hear your call in summer’s tide.

I watch your knife-blade wings—you glide,
light-echo on spiraling track
without benefit of wind.  Wood-
brown buteo above my head…

 Sage Robbins

Today's LittleNip:

—Carol Louise Moon

an old face, yet new—
after the other visitors
have left the park

(prev. pub. in
BREVITIES, Vol. 129)


—Medusa, with thanks to today's poets and to Michelle Kunert for the photos. Carol Louise Moon, Patricia A. Nichol and Cathy Love Murphy will read at Sac. Poetry Center next Monday night, Sept. 8, at 8pm. Be there!

Rachel Leibrock