Friday, November 23, 2012

Silent Drums

Hip Hat
—Photo by David Iribarne

—David Iribarne, Sacramento

”I can’t get used to you wearing that hat.”
My friend said to me two weeks ago
when I wore a hat that was tagged as “hip hop”
by my friend.
Jokingly, I replied, “What, I listen to rap.”
She followed in a serious tone,
“So you want a black girlfriend?”

I looked at her shaking my head.

Yes I am white.  Yes I listen to rap.
I love it in fact.  I love the old school beats
of Run DMC, LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash.

I remember thinking I could breakdance
when the beats would blast out of my boom box.
The cardboard would be laid out
and I would haphazardly spin on my back
and wave my arms and call it poppin’.

As time went on I came to admire and love
when the soulful and intelligent hard beats of Nas
would grace my ears as he “Ruled” the world
or took hold of my soul with “One Mic.”

I got hooked onto the smooth danceable hits
of a man who called himself Fabolous.
His “real talk” got me going
He was slick with the women
but he respected them as well.

Wait.  Stop a moment I can’t forget
The jazziness of Gangstarr or
heavy joints of Heavy D.
Gangstarr was a “SureShot”
to get my feet tapping
while the Heavster would show me how to flow.

Now, there are also artists of Caucasian race
who can drop a tight beat or two.
You got the legends
Beastie Boys who taught us that
“We have the right to party,”
and about “Sabotage”
among other things.
You have the Bad boy Eminem
or should I say Slim Shady
I lost myself
when he would spit “Lose Yourself”
or “Not afraid.”

There’s certainly more than just these
There are my local homies
yes, I said homies,
D.J. Epik, Mr. P  Chill, D.J. Nocturnal,
D.J. Colossal, LSC, Mrs. Vybe, and Cleen.

My walls are painted with artists
like Justin Bua, Frank Morrison, and David Garibaldi.
Walls are a canvas for a breakdancer, a tuba player,
a piano player, a red hot cool band,
and “jewel” of a DJ.

So, after this I hope you know
that I am white, I listen to rap,
and I want a woman
that is smooth, diverse, tight, beautiful,
powerful, intelligent, swag, tolerant,
patient, and open.
I want a woman who listens, has character,
can hold a conversation
and listens to rap and all kinds of music,
and me.


—David Iribarne

Happiness is here
outside my window
let in in, let it stay for a while.

Let it bake and baste
let it simmer and marinate
for a while so when I taste it
I truly savor its juices.

Let it make a home
let it grow and bloom
overshadowing the dim lights
that creep in every so often.

Bring it close to me
let me breathe it in
take over my body
close my eyes
and open them everything
around me glows
all my chaotic cares slowly disappear.

I feel tingling through my soul
like when I taste a sweet strawberry
or when you eat chocolate cake for the first time
or when you meet your true love
and you don’t feel lost and insecure.

Happiness surround me
create a fence around me
that I cannot hurdle.
Stay here with me, don’t leave
I just want to smile and look at you for a while


—David Iribarne

How can something be greatly loved
yet abused?

Black eye
thrown against the wall
arms bruised
cuts on face
legs aching
slap to the face
going to bed with cheek swollen
scrapes on my wrist
cut myself
watch the blood trickle down my arm

Why are you not content in your own beauty?

You stupid bitch
you never will be anything
you need to lose weight
you need to take better care of yourself
you are never good enough
you eat too much
you should be trying harder
you should do better
why can’t you be more like your brother….

So much weight can lie behind simple questions.


—David Iribarne

Again you got me up late
you have my muscles tired
my body is numb.

All the lights are off
press my wrist to find my pulse
takes a few minutes
then my heart beats faster faster
as thoughts of you transcend my mind.

I just want to hold you close
lips touch your lips
skin sweat with yours
light fires within us
that cannot be extiguished.

Feel your hot slow breath
warm my body as it moves
down my body. 
I stand perfectly still
want to feel and savor every moment.

Want you to carve your love inside
hypnotize me, intertwine your heart
with mine making them one,
forever, I want you to sleep with my soul.


Today's LittleNip:

—Olga Blu Browne, Sacramento

Come to my secret place, where
A raven's shadow slips past the

Come, come to hear the spirits
call and feel the beat of silent

Come, listen to your soul, and
know the glory of the night.


—Medusa, who reminds you that we're having a give-away for the Seed of the Week this week (deadline Sun. night). See the SOW section over on the green board at the right of this.

Annie Menebroker reads at the WTF release
at Luna's Cafe, November 15, 2012
—Photo by David Iribarne