Thursday, May 03, 2012


—Photo by D.R. Wagner, Elk Grove

—David Iribarne

That night you scraped your knee
you ran to me ever so fast
I held you, tended to your wound
told you to “Grit your teeth.”

You clutched my arm tightly
it had been a while
since you clung to me.
“It’s ok, it’s ok,” I said.
You cough cried, closed your eyes tight.

I kissed your head softly
wet a cloth ever so lightly
dabbed it on your cut
and blew on it like
when you were little.

Your crying slowed
hugged me tightly
wiped your nose on my shirt,
I chuckled, you did too.

For once you were not
pulling away. I wrapped
my arms around you
not wanting to let go
fearing that if I did,
I would be cut.

You fell asleep in my arms that night
my worries begin to disappear.
The stars were unusually bright
your face radiated
I felt incredible.

I knew that night there was so much more
to being healed than just a scrape. 



—David Iribarne, Sacramento

It is brittle, rough to touch
ran up and down the lines
mapped out the smooth spots.

Covered it up, hoping you would forget
bandaged up the sore spots.
You just pointed it out to me again and again.

Tried to divert your attention
but you removed the bandage
so it was all the more noticeable.

Tried to make it disappear
not think about it
not think about the scars, the sores
even after you left…they remain.

Maybe I didn’t use the right bandage
or use the right ointment
or clean the scar correctly.

Time heals all wounds
but does it allow us to forget?
how long before it fades?

We both had been waiting a long time to fall down
get up slowly, move on
dried our eyes
Walked with you a little longer
hoped mercy would follow us
and it did...pushing us in different directions.



—David Iribarne

Held you as you slept
my fingers swimming through
your brown hair
wondered where your mind was running.
So quiet amongst your closed eyes
silent thoughts filled the air.

Understood that it was
time to move on
without words spoken
the feelings had changed.

Still wanted you there
wanted to be there for you.
Saw that love could be felt differently.

Still want to catch your heart
want to be able to captivate your mind
help you with your dreams
comfort your soul.
I am not going to leave you behind.

Watch you as you slept
so soundly, so peaceful
beautiful silence.
Funny, how the quiet
can open the door to so much change.


—David Iribarne

Leave behind your fears
it’s ok to scream
all right to fall down
let it be felt.

Scratch your skin
let there be pain
it needs to be released
you can be hurt.

In the end, darkness can be settling
it can make you stronger
pieces come apart
there are times we don’t know
that it's “ok.”

Go away with yourself
find what you have been searching for.
At this time, your head may be spinning
not knowing where to turn.

Tears may come fast
let them, don’t fight.
Sometimes our world breaks
needs to be put back together.

I will be there to help you
do not face it alone
let go, let go, let go
so you can learn how to hold on.


—David Iribarne

Part of you burst that night
Too much pressure caused
vessels to break.

You lie there on the bed
look at your sweet face
as you sleep
my thoughts begin to travel.

Think of the time we first met;
In a friendly, happy manner,
you extended your hand
thought you were the cutest thing
with your bubbly energetic personality.

Watched you that day as joyfully walked around.

You were so nice, courteous, and kind.
Cheerful, spunky, unusual you were.
Laughed at some of the funny,
innocent things you did.

Yes, they were sometimes plain right stupid
Unpredictable, ditzy, maybe even crazy
but you giggled at your mistakes
making me smile.

Your drive, passionate, stubborn
determined temperament amazed me.
Diversity showed through in rough terrain
Somehow through it all
You remained compassionate, patient, and understanding.

Beautifully vivaciously alert you were
you actively jumped from person to person
being a social butterfly and so damn likable.
Could see that you were unrefined and raw,
you were just a good soul.

You approached everyone gracefully
You never judged, carefully listened.
Exuberant, outgoing and yet tenacious
you promised you would do everything
you could if they asked.

A fair, honest leader you were
Helpful, hardworking advocate.

Your eyes began to flutter
ran my hands through
your brown streaky hair.
Slowly caressed you back to sleep.

Thought of how you innocently
flirted with people
you would lightly hit people
sheepishly grinning
like children would when they had a crush.

Sunny, jolly, and loving like
an excited cute little girl  
you zoomed about your day.

Solved problems in a sufficient, smart manner.
You enlightened me and everyone else
with your cool character.

Stared, began to cry, almost lost a dear friend.
People call on you and you pray for them.
You listen to them, and seek them
care with all your heart

You open your eyes and breathe deeply.
Extend my hand
softly kiss your forehead.

Now, it’s our turn to pray, seek you out
listen, advocate, care and love you
with all our hearts as you have for us.

Today's LittleNip: 

Some birds are not meant to be caged, that's all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.

—Stephen King



—Photo by D.R. Wagner