Friday, May 11, 2012

Where We Came From

James Lee Jobe reads at The Shine in Sacramento
May 8, 2012
—Photo by Annie Menebroker
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where we came from
—dawn diBartolo, citrus heights

this one occurred
when I fell of my bike
the day before
I started my freshman
year of high school.

I closed my eyes,
landed and skid,
shoulder and knee
scarred for my

this one came
from some rash
or reaction, just
below the breast
where only those
I lust can see.

this one on my knee
was an act of anger
on my sister’s part ~
something about a
skate and jealousies,
keloid and forgotten.

a happy dog,
a frightened child,
a perm gone awry,
a bug bite,
a zit,
chicken pox
…and tattoos…

and this one…this one
came from a syrup
cap discarded to
the middle of  a
makeshift bed
where my legs
steadied the
rhythmic ride ~

it was about control
and he possessed it all,
sticky and thin
as it was…

(based on one of medusa’s kitchen's question of the day ~ “do you know where all the scars on your body came from?”)


you kiss a beautiful mouth
—dawn diBartolo

You kiss a beautiful mouth, and a key
Turns in the lock of your fear.
A spoken sentence sharpens to a fine edge.



“I love you” rises warm and sharp
like the golden sun on the cusp
of a cobalt horizon,
and the door slowly creaks open
an inch at a time.  “fear
has kept you unscathed of late”
the creaking seems to say,
and that beautiful mouth,
that kiss of liquid dreams
at the crevice of your inner thigh
tells you otherwise.  “life is too short
for total darkness, no stars. 
sunburns heal with time, but the kiss…
the kiss of the sun lasts forever.”


—Caschwa, Sacramento

She spent the last of her meager
Allowance buying a clutch purse
Along with a matching scarf
At a cute boutique out on the beach

On the way home her sporty coupé
Threw a fit of jealousy, its tiny
Tender transmission making
Reverse its entire universe

She would have to tender a meager
$1,500.00 to allow the tiny repair shop
On the beach to fix her clutch,
Which threw her universe in reverse

She could still fit into that
Sporty outfit that made other
Girls jealous, but how could
She scarf up $1,500.00?



(Proclaim it and they will believe)

One of Mr. Fleming’s close friends brought him to
A Honda dealership where he softly asked him,
“Would you like to test drive an Accord, Ian?”

Keeping in mind that Mr. Fleming passed on in 1964
And the first generation Accord came out in 1976
(Those 1964 Honda dealerships sold motorcycles)
Which leads us to the expression, “12 Years After You Die”

Wouldn’t that make a great sequel to the Bond series! 


When you see a bee
Just let it be
For it is the delegee
Of the Queen,
Most humble servant
Of the pedigree

Whether she be a landlord
A slumlord
A drug lord
A war lord
Most humble servant
Across the board

White gown, gold crown
Delicate frown
Buzzes around town
Like a dizzy circus clown
Most humble servant
A most proper noun


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Today's LittleNip:

moon hints
—dawn diBartolo

a woman of words
and the man she loves
sat watching a moon
the color and shape of
longevity rise on an
orange horizon full
of hint.  it was all
that mattered and
led to a night
          of stars. 



 Trina Drotar reads at CSUS Alumni Event
May, 2012
—Photo by Sandy Thomas
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