Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Universe Has Everything

Butterfly Fractal
(from Piglette's Fractal Universe)

—James Galvin

A hawk drops to the treetop
Like a falling cross.
The haybarn is ticking.
The Universe has everything.
That's what I like about it.
A single chubby cloud
Beelines downwind
Trying to catch up with the others.

Yellow leaves plane across the water,
Drifting the inlet.
The pond is a droozy eye.
Details tend to equal each other,
Making decisions harder.
Is polio an endangered species?
The Universe is mostly empty,
That's important;
A fractal palindrome of concentric

Is there life out there?
Are there lawns?
Columbus is famous for discovering a place
Where there were already people
Killing each other.
Nothing missing. Nothing new.

Let's pick wildflowers.
Let's take a meteor shower.
Let's live forever and let's die, too.