Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fool's Gold Epiphanies

—Carl Bernard Schwartz, Sacramento

There it is!
As shiny as a newly minted coin
resting in the ho-hum dirt on the
ground at your feet

Go ahead, reach down, touch it,
feel it, make room for majestic
respect in your lowly life

This is the gateway at last,
the next step you hadn’t known of
before this grand moment

Now you can take your rightful
place among kings and queens
and admired spokesmen all
around the globe

Just in case, spend a moment
researching it on the world wide
web to ensure that it is pure,
rare, original, real

Brace yourself, you haven’t snared
a trophy catch, it is just another fool’s
gold epiphany

Throw it back on the ground and
keep on walking.


—Medusa (with thanks to Carl and to D.R. Wagner for passing along the illustration)