Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love is Dangerous

Photo by Katy Brown, Davis

—Tomas Tranströmer

Night, two o'clock: moonlight. The train has stopped
in the middle of the plain. Distant bright points of a town
twinkle cold on the horizon.

As when someone has gone into a dream so far
that he'll never remember he was there
when he comes back to his room.

And as when someone goes into a sickness so deep
that all his former days become twinkling points, a swarm,
cold and feeble on the horizon.

The train stands perfectly still.
Two o'clock: full moonlight, few stars.

(translated from the Swedish by Robert Bly)


Today’s photo from Katy Brown is about waiting. She writes: I took the Waiting photo over at Mary's cafe in Sonoma the other day with Robert. The table looked so '50s and empty . . . like a country song about to happen. So that’s our Seed of the Week: Waiting.

The Capitol City Young Writers Summer Workshop is next week, August 2-5, from 8am-noon Monday through Thursday. Young writers in grades 6-12 can join award-winning authors, editors, poets and literary agents for four full mornings of inspiring and educational workshops. Various classes will be offered, including fiction, non-fiction, screenplay, poetry, broadcast radio, journalism, technical writing, etc. $100. Limited to 25 young writers. [The notice says to check website to determine if the class has been filled before contacting CCYW (www.capitolcityyoungwriters.com), but the site only says that the group was half-full by June 16. So I’d contact ‘em, anyway.]

Lots of workshops starting to pop up, especially for Fall—don’t forget to keep scrolling down to the upside-down snake on the b-board! Molly Fisk will be starting another Boot Camp this Sunday; go to www.poetrybootcamp.com for info. Speaking of Boot Camps:

Self-Publishing Boot Camp Workshop in Bay Area Oct. 16:

10 Steps to Self-Publishing Success with Lisa Alpine and Carla King will be held from 9am to 5pm on Sat., Oct. 16 at the new waterfront arts center on the bay—The Craneway at historic Ford Point in the Marina District of Point Richmond, right on the San Francisco Bay Trail. The $155 workshop fee includes a sit-down lunch at the BoilerHouse Restaurant and the 87-page Self-Publishing Boot Camp Workbook. Go to www.selfpubbootcamp.com/pages/store/products/workshops/103 for info.

And thanks to Joyce Odam for finishing up our Seed of the Week—that form, whatever you call it—with some variations on same. She says the first poem is new; the others are from her chapbook, Gradations.


—Joyce Odam, Sacramento

will you wear
to the ball — it's
midnight already.


—Joyce Odam

old gods
still wait for
the seven years
of your next mirror.


—Joyce Odam

in the rain,
running swiftly,
blurring their laughter,
splashing their reflections.


—Joyce Odam

to dance with
you in the rain,
but you did not want
to dance. All our quarrels
seem to be about dancing.


—Joyce Odam

heard the
geese just now —
not yet light out —
sky mysterious
with those old/new hauntings.


—Joyce Odam

me out
of paper
on the dotted
lines — but carefully.
I want to be cut free.


—Joyce Odam

makes birds
from paper—
frogs and baskets—
bird after bird — and
frog after frog, with skill
and patience, she makes these things.


Today's LittleNip:

—Joyce Odam

we kissed
you drew blood.
Or I drew blood.
Love is dangerous.



Young Girl Writing at Her Desk With Birds
Painting by Henriette Browne