Sunday, April 11, 2010

See If You Can Catch God Dancing

Tree Giant
Sac. Home & Garden Show
—Photo by Michelle Kunert, Sacramento

—D.R. Wagner, Elk Grove

God listens to stuff.
I’m not sure what or how
Much he listens to, but he
Does hear a lot of things.

I think he even hears you
Or I occasionally. I also
Feel that the odds are
Better than the lottery.

This doesn’t mean that
God responds to things.
I would guess that sometimes
He does, but mostly not.

God’s body is everything
That is alive on this planet
And every place else for that
Matter. A lot of words go

To God. A lot of feelings
Too. Even TV shows and
The stuff we put in letters,
E-mails and even the things
We dream that we can’t
Understand. God has a lot
Of room for all of this stuff.

Even if nothing happens
When we pray or call out
To God doesn’t change this.
The amazing thing is that
God, all of us, collectively,
As one, listens to stuff at
All. Just amazing isn’t it?


—D.R. Wagner

God is usually willing to try
Anything. To God a lot of things
Seem like a chess game....”If I do this,
Then this will happen, or that might happen.”

Sure God knows what will happen.
But being omniscient also allows one
To not follow everything that happens
All the time. By going from one
Event to another God remains entertained
With everything. It’s a lot like rereading
A book years later. There are things that
Have changed in coming back to what
Is known. While everything is remembered
It is renewed simply by concerning oneself
With it all over again.

This is why the universe is constantly expanding.
This is why perceptions change; why pictures
Painted centuries ago can suddenly seem new
Again, more profound or perhaps silly in their
Concerns and issues. If God opines for an instant,
It is like the effect the flapping of a moth’s wings
Might have on the weather of the world. Unpredictable.

By the time we notice something, so many things
Have changed. God has already moved through
Billions of events that attracted his attention
For one instant or another. We simply can’t
Keep up with everything that interests God.

Don’t be surprised at what God might do.
If you were in the same position, you probably
Would do the same thing. God enjoys so many
Things that are beyond our understanding.
That is why he invented music and poetry,
The visual and performing arts and all the
Things that beg explanation. Even things
Like our questioning being here on Earth
Can be quite an occupation and consequently
Enjoyable. See if you catch God dancing sometime.