Sunday, April 25, 2010

And Of Course, The Poets

Readers at the March, 2010 Rattle-Read
as the Snake salutes Poems-for-All:

(from left to right) Kevin Jones, Richard Hansen, Martha Ann Blackman,
Kathy Kieth, Frank Andrick, Ann Menebroker, Joyce Odam,
Taylor Graham, Bill Gainer

(Photo by Katy Brown)

—Ivan Bunin

Flowers, and tall-stalked grasses, and a bee,
and azure, blaze of the meridian...
The time will come, the Lord will ask his prodigal son:
"In your life on earth, were you happy?"

And I'll forget it all, only remembering those
meadow paths among tall spears of grass,
and clasped against the knees of mercy I
will not respond, choked off by tears of joy.

(Translated from the Russian by David Curzon and Vladislav L. Gucrassev)


—Medusa (closing off Earth Week by giving thanks for all creatures—not the least of which are, of course, The Poets...)